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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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I’m waiting in LAX for my flight to CLT.  It has been a great learning experience, coming up with a research question and attempting to answer it. Even if I didn’t answer anything conclusively in the timespan I had, I learned a lot of new tools and methods that can be applied to other projects. […]

I just realized I haven’t blogged since Tuesday. The last few days have been a whirlwind getting my project finished, and making a presentation and a write up. My paper is up on the wiki-pages if anyone wants to read it. The last few days have been spent cleaning up the data we have and […]


One thing I forgot to mention about yesterday was that a Hawaiian Monk Seal was on the beach I am working on. Someone roped off the area of sand the seal was relaxing on, with warning signs to not get close. They are an endangered species, with only about 1,100 left in the wild. It […]


This was my second to last field day. Near low tide I took conductivity and temperature measurements all along the front of the valley. The results were about what I expected: colder temperatures and lower conductivity near the stream outlets. There was nothing unexpected in the results, but the data was worth collecting. One problem […]

Day Off…

Sunday was a perfect day off.  I got up early at 5 to go with Paul’s group to Hanauma Bay for some snorkeling before the crowds got there.  Since we were so early we got free admission! The fish and turtles were absolutely beautiful. After snorkeling we went to Teddy’s Burgers, which was fantastic. After […]


…Greg and Scott have been handling the processing and organizing of UAV imagery, but it was someone else’s turn. I drew the short straw so I went to the UAV staging area. I thought I would be there all day so I just wore my flip flops. They only were doing two flights with the […]


We did more data collection in the kayak today. The water was a lot calmer. The kayaks capsized a total of zero times. We also used the GPR on the entire length of the road in front of the valley.
I’m quite tired so it’s time for sleep. I will definitely update more tomorrow.

June 21


I intended to do more kayaking to gather more data today. That didn’t happen. First, the data from yesterday needed to be organized and plotted on a map. The problem was that our GPS and the Levelogger were taking points at different times, and we (initially) weren’t sure where they lined up, due to both […]

June 19th – Kayaking

Today was the first day of data collection for the SGD/seeps. Thomas, Scott, and I took two kayaks across the water in front of the valley trying to paddle in straight lines across the water. With the help of Emily (the best TA ever), we got the Solinst Leveloggers attached to the bottom of the […]

Project direction is defined. . .

This morning the whole group sat down together with all the professors and TAs to get a sense of where everyone is with their projects.  The whole hydrology group wasn’t really honed in on what they wanted to do, but we got lots of feedback from the professors. It took a while to get through […]

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