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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Today was a bit nebulous, as us students are transitioning into doing our projects. Some already have clear ideas of what their question is and how they will go about answering it. Some people are farther along than others. I have a couple ideas in mind, but I am unsure what the best one might […]


The main goal of today was for all the groups to present their common products. We did that mid-afternoon, so we had the morning to sleep in, relax, and prepare a little if needed. It was great to see what all the other groups did. I had a rough idea of what they had done, […]


Today was a half day off. The first half was spent in the barn making sure our common product was completely finished and a power point presentation was made.
The second half was spent relaxing and enjoying Hawaii. Family. BBQ. Snorkeling. Damien Marley. Good times. 🙂

The morning was spent in the valley, taking a few last water quality measurements. A few of the grad students tagged along as we went to the back of the valley to a few streams we missed. There was a professional surveyor here today to demonstrate a 3D scanning technique, but I missed it. Hopefully […]

Delicious shaved ice on top of ice cream.

Today some of the groups switched members to give us experience doing different projects. I spent the first few hours with one of the archaeology groups (they split into two today). We looked at some rock walls running vertically from the cliffs down toward the ocean. I have no idea what purpose the walls would […]

Another productive and fun day of data collecting! James and I were joined by one of the TAs, Emily, on our hydrology mission. She brought along a turbidity meter and a flow meter for us to use. We took a few turbidity measurements in one of the marshy areas and we got very high readings […]

Hiking and data collection

Most open part of path next to the stream.

We got to Kaʻaʻawa Valley a little before 9AM. James and I made sure our radio worked and then got a ride toward the back of the valley. For today we wanted to create the most accurate representation of the streams in the valley that we could, so we would try to walk one. Most of […]


Trimble Unit

Today was the first day of collection in the field. James and I finished inputting our data dictionary into GPS Pathfinder Office and then loaded it onto the Trimble Unit we used.
Trimble Unit
We wanted to see what streams and stream beds would even be possible to walk and take points from. Most of the streams […]

Visiting Kualoa Ranch and Kaʻaʻawa Valley

The sound of roosters crowing woke me up bright and early. Our host made a nice breakfast for all of us – oatmeal, eggs, fruit cups, and juice. Following breakfast we had a lecture from Dr. Terry Hunt, an anthropologist from the University of Hawaii. The lecture condensed an entire semester’s worth of content on […]

Hello Hawaii!


We flew to O’ahu today!
Music to listen to while you read this blog: The Strokes – Hawaii
The morning started taking four Super Shuttles to LAX, dragging all of the research equipment with us. There was so much baggage to check! I had Yuma from Trimble as my carryon. The TSA officials apparently had never seen a […]

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