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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

And Finally He Ran Out Of Ideas For Blog Titles

Today we spent the day fleshing out the ideas for our research foci. We started out with a group discussion with all of the professors, where we each presented our ideas informally and received feedback. It was interesting to hear what everyone had come up with, and although the group format left a little to […]

A Case of the Mondays

Today we had our first field day since our common product presentations. I still hadn’t really figured out what I was going to do but Dr. Becker and Dr. Wechsler were both going to have their first opportunity to view the valley, and I went around with them . Considering Dr. Becker’s expertise with Geology […]

Common Product Presentations

Today we presented the work that we had been doing all week to each other and to the professors. Again, we had some time to finish up work in the morning, so I took the opportunity to sleep in- It was awesome to sleep until noon again as I hadn’t had the chance in a […]

Anniversary Of the First Day of My Existence

Today was my birthday and overall, it was quite enjoyable. We had a half day of “work” at Tradewinds but I had finished up my common product- at least to the point it could be finished without more field time and knowledge. At about 1 we loaded up into the vans and took a drive […]

*Bonus Post: The Life and Times of (The Great) Jebediah Nephelo

Jebediah Nephelo (J-Neph to his friends), famed inventor of the Nephelometric Turbidity Unit, was born to Sally and Gregory Nephelo, poor cattle ranchers in North Texas in the year 1931. It was a hard, but simple life, and he grew into a strong boy, passing the time wrestling bears and learning the finer points of […]

The Year of Our Lord, Jebediah Nephelo

Today we had a short field day to tie up any remaining loose ends with our projects, and to help any groups who needed to still collect data. As the hydrology group, we figured we should collect some more turbidity data, as it was really the only meaningful tool we have to measure water quality […]

Just Two Days Left

Today was an interesting day. Since some people had finished collecting data, the professors shifted some groups around to expedite data collection, and I headed out by myself. My mission for the day was to fill in some small holes in the data and get some points with pictures that would help explain my process […]

Some Days You Write the Blog, Some Days the Blog Writes You

Sorry for forgetting to blog yesterday, this routine thing isn’t really my strength. So on this day we tried to fill in the gaps in the Hydrology data. One of the areas we new we needed to cover was the main channel, which we were kind of leaving for later because we figured it would […]

Journey to the Edge (of the Watershed)

Welcome to the Jungle

Today was another full day of field work. We got to the valley at about 9 am and set out to continue trying to map the hydrology of the valley. Me and Gordon decided we would try to tackle the top of the watershed as best we could. We walked on the road until we […]

First day of field work

View from the "Temple"

Today was our first real day of field work. We started out the day by defining our data dictionaries for our respective groups, which would allow us to enter GPS data into the Trimbles in the field in an organized way. Basically, we were creating features and attributes that could be easily integrated into ArcMap. […]

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