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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 15, June 17

Today was a bit of a hodge-podge. The morning hours were spent refining our research interests and trying to come up with a workable question. I have waffled back and forth over many idea but now I think I’ve found one I am happy with and that I think is doable given the time and […]

Day 14, June 16

Today began by working on our presentation that we were all giving about our common product later. Jessica decide what our talking points should be and created our PowerPoint. After a quick impromptu lunch and some tidying in expectation of the professor’s visit the grad students began arriving followed by the professors. The geology group […]

Day 13, June 15

We started the day working on refining and filtering our data. Jessica and I spent most of the morning on our computers we then all got ready for an evening outing to north shore. We parked at the beach and walked down into town. Most of the groups decided to eat down at the local […]

Day 12, Jue 14

Today we began by stopping at the visitor center to watch a short movie about the history of Kualoa Ranch. It was interesting to see the different phases that the piece of property has been through throughout the ages. There was also a room that contained documents and displays related to the history. There were […]

Day 11, June 13

Today we switched up our field teams, distributing the individuals who were already done with their common product field collections among the archaeology and vegetation groups. Jessica took her group to the front of the valley in order to look for the walls that Dr. Lipo had seen earlier. Jeanette and I headed to the […]

Day 10, June 12

Today was another field day. After the usual morning routine we arrived at the site. Since some of the groups were done with their portion of the common product they were slip up to help the other teams. Jeanette became a part of ours which was really nice especially since John wasn’t there anymore. WE […]

Day 9, June 11

I was quite slow this morning in getting up. I was awake at the usual time of six, but for some reason it took me at least half an hour to really wake up all the way. That’s quite unusual for me. Once I was finally up with my lunch packed, breakfast consumed, and bags […]

Day 8, June 10

I woke up this morning after a great night’s sleep in one of the hammocks. I can understand why it’s such a popular sleeping arrangement in South America. I ate breakfast and made my lunch, preparing for a day in the field. As the graduate students and professors arrived we began to work on finishing […]

Day 7, June 9

I woke at six am to the lovely sounds of roosters and the warm sea breeze. That is a lovely way to start the day. My spot on the couch turned out to be an ideal spot. Everyone roused themselves and began to get ready to face the day. We sat to breakfast outside and […]

Day 6, June 8

I woke up at six am, anticipating the trip that was in store. As we finished packing the last of our items and gathered at the front of the hotel with all of our assorted bags and cases the shuttles arrived to take us to LAX. We were each assigned a second carry on, mostly […]

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