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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 25:

Today I finished up my project report and power point presentation. I think I’m ready for tomorrow’s presentation! Well, I’m not to sure if i’ll ever be fully ready, but I think I’ll be okay. I still have some reviewing of the concepts and methods I used to complete my project. I need to review […]

Day 24:

Today was the last day in the field. Paul flew the Phantom over the area where we thought the offshore fishpond wall was. It was very difficult to judge just how far and high the Phantom Quad-Copter was flying at. Paul, Mike and I also took one last tour through the Ka’a’awa Valley. I’ll remember […]

Day 23:

I flew the Phantom Quad-Copter today to try and gather some high resolution imagery of my study site. Unfortunately, 4 of the 5 flight’s imagery did not work in PhotoScan or Microsoft ICE. I believe it is probably due to the altitude at which I was flying at because the last flight I flew about […]

Day 22:

Brian and Dan, two people from the Mechanical Engineering Department at UH Manoa, came out today to help me gather some data using their side sonar. It was a pretty cool device. From what I gathered, talking to Brian and Dan it measures depth based on intensity and time. Unfortunately it was low tide so […]

Day 21: Summer Fun

Today we had an entire day off! It was good and quite refreshing to not have to do field work, process data, and what-have-you. Now tomorrow everyone will be refreshed and energized.
What everyone ended up doing was traveling around the island to do some sight seeing. There were about four different vehicles and everyone left […]

Day 20:

I got out into the field today to collect some data. I started off at the south end of Kualoa Park to locate an old fish-pond wall. It was quite easy to find as a part of it is still on the sand. All I had was a recreation grade Garmin GPS, but I still […]

Day 19:

Today I processed the preliminary data. After a few attempts, I finally managed to make a classification of the reef area around Kualoa Ranch/Park and Ka’a’awa valley in Erdas. First I masked out the land so only the offshore area was in the image. Then I did a principle component analysis of that masked image. […]

Day 18:

Today I attempted to get out into the field to see if I could find any artifacts. I stayed along the shore where I think people would fish or throw nets. After a few hours of searching through piles of rocks along the shore I found one interesting rock that looked like a fishing weight, […]

Day 17: Call me Honda, Seafarer

Thomas, Gordan, and I paddled up and down the shore for about 5 hours today. Gordan and Thomas were looking for changes in  conductivity to find where fresh water seeps are located off shore. As they collected data, which was just paddling up and down the shore, I looked for places where reef fish would […]

Day 16: Eureka

All week I’ve been a little worried about coming up with my project idea, but today I’ve finally finalized my initial project idea. It is locating areas of ancient native Hawaiian fishing practices by using geographic information systems and remote sensing software. It is good to finally have a good sense as to what I […]

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