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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 15:

Plenty of action today.
Both Williams Aerospace and “Chuck n Iam” crews were flying their UAVs today, so there was a lot of excitement going on at the base camp. Even though there was only one drone in the air at a time, gathering and ensuring all the data was gathered and in the correct place […]

Day 14:

The presentations of the common products were today. It was good to see what everyone was able to produce this week. One thing I think I noticed is that the Archaeology, Bare Ground, and Hydrology group all had mapped features in the same area. All with three lines on the south side of the valley. […]

Day 13:

Today we finished our presentations for tomorrow, which will be on our common products that we are to produce. We are able to produce mosaics of the areas where the X8 covered, but it was short of the valley. Hopefully when the X100 takes flight we’ll be able to produce a complete mosaic. It’ll be […]

Day 12:

Today I got to see a surveying tool called ground based LiDAR. It shoots microwaves and calculates the return signals to create a 3D image and it does a complete 360 from where it is positioned. So for the first two setups that we were there for we hid behind trees and rock walls so […]

Day 11: Murphy’s Law


At the very beginning of the day we took more GCPs, but then hurried back to watch and collect data from the UAVs from William’s Aerospace. All the UAVs from William’s Aerospace looked sleek and state of the art. One UAV, the smallest of the bunch, took off with little problems and it was quite […]

Day 10:

Today was more of yesterday, collecting imagery with the quad-copter as the topoteam collected ground control points to georeference a mosaic of the valley. It was a bit more challenging to fly today because we flew near the beach where the offshore winds were gusting in. But between me and Greg I think our flight […]

Day 9: Quad-Copter Galore


We were supposed to see the x-100 fly today, unfortunately things did not work out. Instead we collected more imagery of ground control points that were collected. I must say we’re getting pretty good at flying the quad-copter.

At the end of the day we reviewed where we collected control points and there are some spots […]

Day 8: First day of field work

We began collecting data today in our first day of field work. Most groups took ground control points of their individual focus, but for Greg and I we flew the quad-copters! Our objective for the day was to collect imagery of the topographic team, who were taking Ground Control Points for us to geo-rectify or […]

Day 7:

Did a tour of the Ka’a’awa valley (a.k.a. Kualoa Ranch) to get a better idea of what sorts of data we will be collecting.
We started the day with a lecture from Dr. Terry Hunt from the University of Hawaii. His lecture explained the basic overview of Polynesian archaeology and it’s relation to Hawaiian archaeology. It […]

Day 6: Home Sweet Home

After a week of trying to answer all the questions everyone had (as best I could) about Hawai’i, we’ve finally arrived. Everyone seems blown away! I guess I take the sights and sounds, the ocean and mountains, the culture and the people for granted sometimes. But don’t get me wrong, I would never want to […]

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