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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 26

Today I added citations to my PowerPoint. Then I asked Dr. Wechsler for improvements on my presentation. Then I continued to practice my presentation. Three people presented before me, Peter, Howard, and Cole. While they were talking I continued to practice the one slide that I kept spending three to four minutes on so that […]

Day 25

Today I worked on improving my classification of the uluhe ferns. I was able to increase the accuracy of the classification by creating one ruleset and classifying the result as extra1. Then I extracted a part of extra1 class that fulfilled another ruleset and classified that part as extra2. I kept repeating this process until I got […]

Day 24

Today I talked with Briton and I will be trying to use a slightly different way of classifying the ferns to make the classification more accurate. Up until now, I had been setting an upper and lower limit for a single variable to classify an object as fern. But now, I am working on finding […]

Day 23

Today I worked on extracting the trees from the ferns. I finally decided to write down all of the mean values for each object that I want to classify as ferns. I found that all of the numbers are fairly far apart from each other and even if they are close, the range is still wide […]

Day 22

Today I stayed in the barn the whole day and worked on classifying the ferns using eCognition. I chose to work with objects segmented at a scale of 50, compactness of 0.9, and shape of 0.1. I think that this makes the objects small enough to make each object contain only grass or only trees rather than a […]

Day 21

Today I woke up at 4:58am and started to pack up so that I could leave by 5:15am. I ended up getting ready to leave until 5:30am though. I went with Paul, Michelle, Gordon, Cole, Thomas, and James. This was so that we could go to the Hanauma Bay before the place gets packed with people. […]

Day 20

I was working on trying to improve my ferns classification and ended up losing the file that contained the classification. I am probably just going to continue searching for a way to improve the ferns classification rather than going back and trying to figure out what I did before. I have tried too many variations […]

Day 19

Today I worked on trying to load the slope data into eCognition and finally managed to bring it in with Briton’s help. After that I finally started to do some classifications using the slope.
I noticed that the objects classified as ferns were at the back of the valley and there were more on the left […]

Day 18

Today I went to the Ka’a’awa Valley but once I arrived at the base station, I tried using the spectrometer and I realized this might not work out so well. I would have to hold the Yuma in one hand and the spectrometer on the other and take the spectral reading while standing on a […]

Day 17

Today I tried to use eCognition to use the World View 2 imagery and do some classifications before I went out into the field. I am still really slow at using eCognition but hopefully I will improve at using it quickly.
Once I arrived in the Ka’a’awa Valley, I was dropped off at Atlantis and I […]

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