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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 16

This morning, everyone gathered around in the middle of the barn and talked about what kind of project each person had in mind. Then, each of the professor who had more expertise about the topic each person’s project was about, gave some suggestions and identified people who could potentially share the data and cooperate to […]

Day 15

Today I tried to look for relevant articles for my project and worked on merging all of the shapefiles from the three days (we lost our data for one of the days) that the vegetation group went out to the Ka’a’awa Valley to collect data. It was difficult to combine all of the data because […]

Day 14

Today I practiced a few times for the presentation just to make sure that I don’t forget to say something. I was worried that people may not hear me over the fans since it was difficult enough for me to speak loudly for people to hear me in a quiet classroom.
But for some reason I had been […]

Day 13

Today Peter and I worked on the PowerPoint slides for our presentation tomorrow while Howard used Erdas to do classification of the vegetation in Ka’a’awa Valley. After finishing the PowerPoint slides, I tried to merge the shapefiles that the GPS produced for each day into one, but it was very difficult to do because the attribute table […]

Day 12

Today everyone went to the Ranch but instead of going out to valley to collect more points, Peter, Howard and I decided to work on classification using eCognition and Erdas. However, we ended up learning about how the laser scanner works and watching it work. When the laser scanner started collecting data, everyone had to constantly […]

Day 11

Today, our vegetation group split into two groups. Vegetation 1 was Peter and I and we started from Atlantis and worked our way down the left side of our study area once again because we lost our GPS data from yesterday. Vegetation 2 was Howard and Julianna who started from the area we parked at […]

Day 10

Today the bare ground group, Kerry and Julianna, joined our vegetation group to help us out. However, we never managed to get the second Trimble so we never had a chance to split up into 2 groups to collect the GPS points. Our goal was to get GPS points of fairly homogenous patches of vegetation […]

Day 9

Today, Howard, Peter, and I went to the Kualoa Ranch and started collecting points as we went to the top of the valley. In the middle of the trip, Briton joined us and directed us towards a more effective way of collecting points. We tried to get points frequently and attempted to get points at locations […]

Day 8

Today I woke up and made sandwiches for lunch and ate breakfast. After getting ready to leave for fieldwork, I worked on creating a data dictionary for vegetation with Peter and Howard.
After completing the data dictionary, Paul helped us export the data dictionary to the Trimble we were going to use in the field. Once […]

Day 7

Today Dr. Hunt gave a lecture about the history of Hawaii. He talked about the problematic classification of Polynesian islands as well as the colonization of the Polynesian islands. He talked about linguistics as a way to identify the relationship between the Polynesian islands. I thought it was interesting how Dr. Hunt argued that people tend to discover islands […]

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