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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 26 – Presentation Day

Roadside erosion in the Ka'a'wa Valley

I was a complete bundle of nerves this morning, practically making myself sick, so I just kep reminding myself that soon enough, the presentations would be over and I’d look back at all that nervousness and laugh. And I did.
They presentations went really well. I cannot even narrow down the best ones because they were […]

Day 25 The final touches

Classification of erosion features in the Ka'a'awa Valley

Today was spent in the barn working on our Powerpoint presentations. I think I am making this harder than it needs to be. Because I evaluated erosion features in the Ka’a’awa Valley, I also feel the need to understand a little more about what erosion is and how it works. This seems to be a […]

Day 24

As usual, I failed to accomplish as much as I would have liked to and as much as I should have… ArcMap locking up, barn distractions and the call of the moon rise at the beach.
I am learning very quickly that I just don’t work well in a room with others. When I am at […]

Day 19

Unexplained erosion

Another productive day, although my brain shuts down post 8 p.m. No worries though, I am on track with everything I need to do. Today I covered the remainder of the north side of the valley, collecting GPS points of fences, cattle guards, cattle, and of course, erosion patches. The ones I saw today were […]

Day 18 – The planning process

Today was another great day. I had to fight the temptation to get back out in the field to collect points – as that iss really where I’d rather be  than at the barn all day, but I know that I needed a day to plan and get organized about how to proceed with my […]

Day 17


Today I woke up with too many ideas in my head, which was frustrating, so I decided to stay behind dig deeper until I could solidify something. Finally, around 10 a.m., it just all clicked and I finalized my proposal and began making a plan for the field.
My basic plan is to  identify substantial batches […]

Day 16 – Geodatabase construction

Today we had a morning discussion about what direction we want to take our research. Everyone seemed to have really good ideas, although we all seemed to need the professor’s help in refining those ideas.
I am torn between working on mapping invasive ironweed and looking at the impact of cattle movement and activity and seeing […]

Day 14 – Humbled

Kayak trip on the North Shore

Sorry for the MIA blog yesterday, but here’s why:
Kayak trip on the North Shore
I can honestly say, today I was more impressed than I have been in a long time. My fellow REU students, one after another, delivered excellent presentations of their data, procedures, and maps that will go into our common product. It was […]

Day 12 – Archaeologist for a day

Rock channels

Today I completely shifted gears and helped the archaeology group with their explorations. What a nice change from collecting road lines! Jessica, Julianna, and I tackled the dense vegetation to look for more archaeological features along the edges of our study area. We found several sets of parallel rock features that ran from the base […]

Day 11 –


Not much to report on today. I wasn’t feeling too hot so I stayed back at the barn and did some necessary shower scrubbing and then worked on data.
My Pentax took flight again, courtesy of Paul, who shot this aerial video:
Our common products seem to finally be coming together, though we have much work to […]

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