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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Day 10 – Taking flight


What a great day in the field. Today I was able to help out the vegetation group with their data collection, which was a welcome change from bare ground – much prettier than dirt. It is amazing how much they have learned in just a few days about the local fauna. The Ka’a’awa Valley is […]

Day 9 – R.I.P. Snail

Julianna is collecting a rock point

On the second day of data collection, my partner and I were much more comfortable with the GPS unit and didn’t repeat our mistakes from yesterday. We covered a good amount of ground, but were unable to find much that we haven’t already collected. We were able to cover the entire stretch of beach which, […]

Day 8


This blog is sometimes difficult to write because we experience so much each day that it is hard to compress into a few meaningful paragraphs.
Link to today’s photos
I am enjoying getting up with the roosters every morning at 5 a.m. It gave me time today to brush the horses and mentally plan for the day […]

Day 7 – Treated like royalty

Historic Sugar Factory

Today we finally had a chance to meet Dr. Terry Hunt, from University of Hawai’i. He gave a lecture about the history of Polynesia and offered some insight as to why and how humans populated the various islands. The lecture helped provide some context for our study area. I thought is was interesting to think […]

Day 6 – The Spirit of Aloha

The Barn

After a long day of travel, we were graciously welcomed by Dave and Cheryl at Tradewinds Ranch in Punaluu. The drive around the east side of O’ahu was stunning. The dense city of Honolulu gave way to mountains that boasted every shade of green imaginable. Unlike the fairly homogeneous forests that I am used to […]

Day 5 – Leaving on a jet plane


Day five wrapped up a great week with a lecture about ground penetrating RADAR (GPR) and the scramble to finish assignments. The GPR seems like it could be a very powerful tool if used by someone who can understand and interpret its output. Some may see just wavy lines while others  can actually make sense […]

Day 4 – You can lead a student to water…

The beauty that is segmentation

Wow, already day four and I feel like I have learned more in these four days than I have in an entire semester. We had the chance to hear from Professor Becker who gave a lecture on hydrogeology, specifically the local processes on windward Oahu. Although hydrogeology is not my main area of study, I […]

Test Flight – Day 3 supplement

Day 3 – Learning to fly


Day three was an intense mix of lecture, hands on and lab work. Dr. Wechsler started with a great lecture about scale, scale, and scale (yes, there are many types of scale). While some of it was tough to make total sense of, the effort of getting us to think about the various types of […]

Day 2 – More tools in the toolbox

One of the UAV's we will be using

What a day.. Dr. Lipo, of “The Statues that Walked” fame, gave an excellent lecture that clarified many misconceptions that people have about science, scientific method and common sense. He was clear to point out the usefulness of common sense and science, but clear about how not to confuse the two. I am definitely still […]

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