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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Three Dog Night, Three Blog Day…

It appears that I have missed a few days of my blog, so let’s start with Saturday. Oh beautiful Saturday! What a glorious day to hang out in the barn and work on data processing. I managed to get a lot of work done and it was overall a very productive day, especially since I […]

Days 18 and 19 – Hiking, Data Collection, Data Processing

PhotoScan 3D Model of Shelby with Rock Feature

Yesterday, Shelby and I went into the field to collect more measurements and photos of the features located on the other side of the Ka’a’awa Valley south wall. Although my so-called ‘shock proof’ camera broke midday, I was able to download and process the images I took. I spent most of the night working on […]

Day 17 – Measure Twice…

Rock Wall with recent wire fence

This morning Shelby and I were joined by Dr. Wechsler in the field. We spent the morning finding some of the previously known features and measuring the slope and distance for accuracy using a laser range finder and clinometer. At our first stop, I climbed to the top of a rock wall where it reaches […]

Day 16 – Research Proposals

Today started with a discussion of everyone’s research questions and was followed by a demonstration of the geodatabase we will be using for analysis. It was so great to hear what research everyone will be doing. I will be focusing on a valley-wide distribution of archaeological sites through the analysis of the physical and natural […]

Day 14 – Common Products Presented

Today was a slow day at the barn. After Shelby and I put the finishing touches on our powerpoint, we had lunch and killed time as we waited for the presentations to begin. Once the presentations were finished, I was able to consider the types of data that could be used to help influence my […]

Day 13 – The Ocean Breathes Salty

Today was our first day off since we arrived in Long Beach on June 3rd. However, because our common products are due tomorrow, the morning was spent crunching data and preparing for the presentations. Shelby and I have identified more archaeological features than I had anticipated and I am confident that our data will be […]

Day 12

Kerry exploring the Rock Wall

This morning when we arrived at the Kuaola Ranch, we stopped at the parking lot rather than heading directly to basecamp and we told to wait upstairs in the check-in area. We then made our way through the gift shop and the rest of the Ranch grounds to a room where we were shown a […]

Day 11

Study Area as seen from the road

The day started the same as any other day so far; wake up, make lunch, eat breakfast, apply sunscreen, apply bug spray, more sunscreen, and head to the Valley. Once everyone had met at base camp, we had a restructuring of the survey teams. Shelby and I were split up and joined by members of […]

Day 10


Today, Shelby and I were joined by Jeanette in the field. It was nice to have a new set of eyes and another pair of hands to help identify and geolocate possible archaeological features. We started off heading to the most eastward point of the north wall of the Ka’a’awa Valley in search of a […]

Inside the dense vegetation surrounding a rock feature

What an exciting day in the field! After breakfast we immediately left for the Ka’a’awa Valley and plotted our course for the day. Jeanette pointed out the terraces she found during her team’s geology survey the day before. Shelby and I were very thankful for the help after yesterday’s initial survey which turned up very […]

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