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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Today we sat around all morning practicing presentations, and gave the presentations at two o’clock at Kualoa Ranch and everything went very well, I really enjoyed sharing my research with others and seeing what others had done in detail. After almost three hours of these presentations, the generous professors took us out to eat at […]

Powerpoint and Paper

I spent the day revising and finishing my powerpoint and final paper. It was a lot of fun to see everything come together  at the end of this awesome research experience. Presentations are tomorrow and I will practice my delivery in the morning!  It will be excited to see what other have come up with […]

Processing/Analysis Day


I began the day by working once again in Definiens eCognition, trying to improve my WV2 classification. After rebuilding and re-analyzing everything with some minor changes, I was able to increase t0 35% overlap with the digitized kuku’i polygons. Still not as much as I would like, but I can just not seem to break […]

Quantifying WV2 and UAV eCog Classifications in Arc


I started the morning off by building a classification of a UAV orthophoto in eCognition, the same which I used yesterday for digitizing. This is my primary site for testing methods as I am still looking for a suitable second test site. It spans most of the length of the center of the valley and […]

Starting to put things together

I jumped back into work today after the memorable day off yesterday, and was ready to get some real work done on my project. I played around with classifications even more this morning trying to improve their accuracy, as always. I did some tests of my quantification process by using some trial imagery from Greg […]

Day off!

This Sunday was spent traversing the island trying to fit in every activity possible with this day off. Kerry, Jessica, Julianna, Greg, Howard and I started off snorkeling at a small beach coming down the east side of the island, spent  time looking over the sea and beaches and mountains at the southeastern point, then […]

More Classification Work

The morning today (Saturday the 22nd) was spent continuing work in eCognition working towards improving my classification of kuku’i for the final project. I kept rebuilding feature extraction parameters working to identify the difficult to find kuku’i in the landscape. This is frustrating because it is clear to anyone looking at the screen as to […]

Classifications and Project Planning

Today I stayed back at the barn to work on classifying the WV2 imagery to identify and classify the major, pure stands of kuku’i all within the Ka’a’awa Valley. I learned a ton about eCognition today, primarily within segmentation, statistical extraction, feature extraction, and all sorts of other things within this fun program. Briton helped […]

From collection to classification

Today I spent the majority of the day collecting points along the northern ridge, transecting the vegetation about midway up the ridge along the higher road. Since working towards expanding my study outside of the riparian corridor, I decided to continue building my understanding of vegetation dynamics in different regions, and thinking about how it […]

Ground Truthing Point Collection

 Today I got out to the field early to collect vegetation points along the riparian corridor with the new data dictionary which I made last night. I started my point collection a little after nine, and covered roughly 80% of the riparian corridor along both sides. I took samples of species all the way along, […]

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