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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

More computer!!

Today was another computer day.
I did the exact same thing as yesterday, that being working on my powerpoint presentation. In addition, I finally got around to writing a write-up-paper-essay sort of thing (still not entirely sure what to call it), which ended up being a lot longer than it needed to be. That took up […]

How much can you computer in a day?

A whole lot of layers (39 to be exact - they didn't all fit)

Today was a computer day.
Literally, I sat in front of the computer for like 12 hours today. After a ten-minute run in the field to collect the levelogger I had put out there overnight, I returned to the barn, sat down in front of my computer and did nothing but stare at it for the […]

Dull Day

Today was a not-a-whole-lot day.
All I really did was go to the field for a couple of hours to put in a level logger and help Gordan collect some salinity points. Then we waited around for a while to get a ride back to the barn, where I got back to the data-crunching I started […]


The view from yesterday...

Today was a data-crunching day.
Sunburned and exhausted, I figured it was a better idea not to go out in the field and instead stay back and rest while getting some work done. I spent a good chunk of the day overlaying soil and wetland data over my salinity points and the LiDAR data to see […]


Today, I got burned by a flame 92,960,000 miles away. Not fair.
And being that I’m sunburned and just remembered right now that I forgot to blog yesterday, my apologies in advance for the succinct nature of this post.
Yesterday, like the day before, involved a lot of swamp-stomping, only this time I was actually in a […]

Muck and Mud

Today was a swamp-stomping day.
That’s the word I now use to describe my research project. Swamp-stomping: the act of moving through swamp or marsh land in search of potential data points, requiring a repeated stomping motion in lieu of regular walking, because it’s too hard to walk like a normal person when you’re 5 foot […]

The Sweet Stench of Discovery (and swamps)

Rainbow data is the best data. (and LiDAR is the best thing ever)

Today was a pretty darn awesome day.
I went to bed last night with very little idea of what I was going to do today, and woke up with a game plan. Well, maybe it wasn’t quite that simple, but for the sake of time, let’s just go with that.
We left for the field this morning […]

One day late…

Today was yesterday. (aka I didn’t blog yesterday because I got too tired and just fell asleep instead)
Yesterday was day 1 of individual project field work. Originally, I was excited about some of the things that I found, but that excitement has been dwarfed by the newer discoveries of tonight, so I’ll get through this […]

So sleepy…

Today was a sleepy day. One 16-hour battle of gravity against eyelids, and gravity tended to win.
It’s kind of (completely) my fault, because I did stay up till past midnight last night knowing I’d end up waking up around 6, but what I didn’t anticipate was how awful I’d really end up feeling. Within an […]

Looking for Dirt (Which can be surprisingly hard to find…)

Dirt. It's thrilling, I know.

Today was adventure day! I think I used that one already, but oh well.
Today was also kind of a confusing day, but that’s okay. A little confusion is good for the mind, like exercise for your brain.
I woke up this morning not entirely sure what I would be doing today, but figured that it would […]

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