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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

A Crab and a Bull and a (not so itsy bitsy) Spider

Today was a short day.
I’m not exactly sure why it felt so short, but I just don’t feel like I’ve been awake that long, even though I’m exhausted right now. We started off with some extra time to finish up our processing and project preparations for our presentations today. Cole and I were just about […]

Fried Rice and the Magic School Bus

Today I don’t really feel like blogging (but don’t worry, I still will).
This was our half work-day and half day-off, so we spent from about 8am to noon working in our groups on our various common products. Cole and I had already finished most of the data processing, but we wanted to get a head […]


Being Cavemen

The view from inside the water tunnel.

Today was a rustic day. (“rustic” to be read with much gusto)
Since we were just about finished with topography, I went off with the archeology team to try to find archeological things along the beach, but, being me and having no experience with archeology whatsoever, I wasn’t a whole lot of help besides pointing out […]

Muck and Yuck

Cole standing still for three minutes while taking a point. Would be a dull job, if not for the incredible view!

Today was a rather yucky day.
Nothing went wrong, but it was kind of hot and kind of humid and overall just kind of yucky as far as feeling well goes.
After some complications with rearranging groups, Cole and I, in an attempt to finish marking ground control points as soon as possible, took off with Scott […]

More Data!

Today was a whole lot like yesterday.
We took data again!
It’s funny how it works, though, because after three days of taking data, we’ve become extremely efficient, and the time seems to go by a lot faster. Not that it’s a good or bad thing, but before lunch time even rolled around today, we already had […]

Data Day!

Our beautiful little points!

Today was a day.
I ran out of adjectives.
Today was day two of formal field work, and it was very much like day one. We got up nice and early to be ready to go by 8, but inevitably ended up leaving a good deal later. That’s not to say, though, that we didn’t get anything […]

I’m tired…but happy!

Little snippet of our planning PDF, of which I am unnaturally proud.

Today was an exhausting day.
As I sit here writing on my hammock-bed, very nearly falling asleep while typing, only kept awake by the ceaseless itching brought on by mosquitoes being greedy little buggers, I can’t help but think that the sun literally eats people for lunch. How is it that the thing that arguably powers […]

Dinosaurs, Smoke Monsters, and Foreign Invaders. Aka Movies.

Today was a learning day.
That sounds like kindergarten, but oh well.
Today was also our first full day in Hawaii, which meant it was our first time visiting the valley where we’ll be doing all of our research. After a refreshing beach walk with Shelby (during which we got slightly lost, if that’s even possible, and […]



Today was a ridiculous(ly awesome) day.
It started early, with a departure time from our hotel at 7:30am, with all sights set on LAX from which we were preparing to fly to Hawaii. It took a ridiculous amount of time to get our ridiculous amount of luggage checked, and I think we got some strange looks […]

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