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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Day 17

Posted on June 19, 2013

Today I tried to use eCognition to use the World View 2 imagery and do some classifications before I went out into the field. I am still really slow at using eCognition but hopefully I will improve at using it quickly.


Once I arrived in the Ka’a’awa Valley, I was dropped off at Atlantis and I started collecting points for ferns and grass. I used a Garmin GPSmap 60C5x which just takes GPS points with a unique ID. I took notes on whether the points were grass or ferns. I only ended up covering the backside of the valley because that seemed to be the only places where the ferns existed that was reachable and unreachable. I noticed that the ferns seemed to prefer the side of the Valley that is opposite to Atlantis. I collected the grey, brown, and green portion of the ferns because I recognized something high up on the slope as ferns rather than grass because of the brown mixed in with green so I thought that the imagery might catch the differences as well.


Once I got back to the barn, I helped a little with the cooking because I wanted to see how to make the stir fried chicken and vegetables. I also read the instructions for the spectrometer so that I won’t have too much trouble using it out in the field tomorrow. I also asked about how to measure the slope, which can apparently be done using a clinometer. I am hoping to use that as well tomorrow and finish up the data collection tomorrow.


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