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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Day 21, June 23

Posted on June 27, 2013

Today was completely amazing! It was our day off so we intended to make the most of it. There were three groups that went their separate ways doing different things. I ended up in a car with Emily, Briton, Scott, and Courtney. It nice to be in a group with Scott especially since he had great insight as to spots of interest and he made navigating much easier. We had considered going to Diamond Head for some hiking but ended up at a different trail by way of Scott’s suggestion, and boy am I glad that we did! It was certainly a work out but the payoff was a spectacular view of a lighthouse, the island, and the ocean. It rained periodically and the wind was absolutely violent. There were WWII bunkers at the top of the cliff that we were able to explore. After climbing up we climbed down a practically sheer cliff face on the other side in order to go into the tide pools. It was quite the precarious climb. There was a blow hole that would spit water in the air like a geyser when the huge waves hit. The tide pools themselves were beautiful and clear, with little colorful fish swimming about. However although it was lovely it was downright perilous with the slippery rocks and crashing waves. At one point a very large wave came, as I had been warned about, but I was caught completely unprepared none the less. There was a giant surge of water and I couldn’t tell up from down as we were tumbled about like we were in a washing machine. By the time I was oriented again I realized that I had been washed all the way to a different tide pool! It was crazy. Even more so since I just happened to have my camera recording a video during the whole thing. It caused a few minor cuts and bruises, but it was worth it. After leaving the pools and climbing up the cliff again there was a quick stop at the mall for food although I packed mine. Then we decided to head down to Waikiki to hit up the beach. We went to this extremely fancy beautiful hotel restaurant that was right on the beach. I have never seen such a fancy place. Courtney and I went to the beach and not five minutes after laying down our towels the tide rushed up and soaked everything. The waves were extremely strong and a strange opaque turquoise color. The beach was packed but I enjoyed it none the less. I mostly just spent the next few hours enjoying the sun and people watching. Later Audrey joined us and we walked to the international market. There was a married couple preforming on the steel drums which was very entertaining. After our long day I was quick to rinse off the sand and hit the hay.


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