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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Day 23

Posted on July 4, 2012

Oh how quickly the plans of mortals change.

I still cannot seem to shake this jet lag. Getting up in the morning is a herculean task. Additionally, I had a slew of errors when using the ArcHydro extension last night. Basically, I was unable to resolve adding slope to the stream line which would be used to ensure that the drainage patterns of my surface followed the “actual” drainage patterns observed. I put quotes around actual because I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the stream line feature, although it was taken from the official Hawai’i GIS site so I expect it is at least mostly accurate.

The inability to properly calculate and use stream slope isn’t a project ending error by itself, in fact I attempted to simply press on, but I was unable to get any of the processing steps after it to function properly. At this point I do not know if the failing is with my use of the tool or with some software/hardware error.

Luckily Arc 10 does have a suite of hydrology tools that should work for my project. Tomorrow is the 4th of July. Officially it is a day off, but I expect that I will at least work for a few hours in order to use some of the hydrology tools and ensure that they are functioning properly.

The rest of the evening was spent at my first Dodgers game, and only by second pro baseball ever (the first being in 1996). The experience was good, we sat in the top deck almost directly above the Dodgers  dugout. I had a “dodgers dog” and even got a free hat since it is the 50th anniversary of Dodger Stadium.

Presentations are Saturday, and I am starting to feel the pressure to get my data finished so I can start putting together my poster.


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