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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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One day late…

Posted on June 21, 2013

Today was yesterday. (aka I didn’t blog yesterday because I got too tired and just fell asleep instead)

Yesterday was day 1 of individual project field work. Originally, I was excited about some of the things that I found, but that excitement has been dwarfed by the newer discoveries of tonight, so I’ll get through this post really fast and get onto today soon.
I hadn’t really thought of a good plan for collecting data, because I didn’t know the area well, so I decided to make it a survey day. Basically, it was an excuse to go exploring. I used the WorldView imagery and Google Earth to decide which areas warranted further exploration and identified about 14 separate “regions of interest”. Some of them I already knew to be ponds or marshes, but I wanted to try to informally map out the flow in my head. I also went along the highway/coast to find the outlets of the groundwater into the ocean, and got into all sorts of trouble (the good kind) climbing trees to avoid stepping in muck. I didn’t come out of it as muddy as I would’ve hoped, but at least the mosquitoes didn’t get me!

After field day, it was my group’s night to cook dinner, so Shelby, Julianna, Emily (after Paul bailed on us – but just kidding Paul, we’ve forgiven you), and I got to work on the menu of the day – stir fry. It seemed pretty straightforward at the start: chop vegetables, chicken and tofu, cook vegetables, chicken and tofu, and in the meantime cook the rice in the rice cooker. Turns out, though, that with only one wok and one frying pan, those steps aren’t so simple after all. FOUR HOURS LATER we finally finished cooking, which unfortunately forced everyone to eat at about 8pm. But it was a ton of fun to cook together, and good practice for me since I can’t cook for my life, so it ended up being a four hours well spent.

And because of those four hours, when dinner was over and I had taken a few minutes to consider my findings for the day, I basically passed out in the hammock with little thought of doing anything else. So here’s my (one day late) blog post!


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