Student Spotlight: Mariah Shope

Meet our first #studentofCLA of the semester, @mshopey1 ☺️
Mariah Shope is a Geography major and her career plans are to go into Urban Development and Planning ✍🏼

“What I find fascinating is how people interact with each other and their environment and why their behavior changes as their surroundings change.”

She was inspired by an awesome Geography professor in community college. 📚 With her Geography Major, Mariah wants “to build better communities and spaces that all people feel invited to participate in.” 👏🏼

In her free time, she loves running with her dog 🐶 every morning and working with youth students at her church. 🙌🏼

What does CLA mean to Mariah? It means, “A study that is very comprehensive and each major makes it their own.” 📖
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Article and Photo Credit: CSULB College of Liberal Arts