Urban Studies

What is Urban Studies?

Urban Studies is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry that complements degree programs in Geography, Anthropology, Economics, Sociology, History, Environmental Science and Policy, as well as many other Liberal Arts and Health and Human Service disciplines.

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Contact: Dr. Suzanne Dallman, Undergraduate Advisor

About Urban Studies at CSULB

The Urban Studies Program is housed in the Department of Geography. Because urban issues cut across a variety of disciplines, the program takes an interdisicplinary approach. Each student participates in a small core of courses in Geography but also chooses from courses within one of two concentrations (Urban Theory and Practice or Applied Urban Geography). The result is a customized program that provides essential information about the dynamics, form, and characteristic of urban regions while allowing students to design an individualized program of study.

Certificate in Urban Studies (Requirements (as of Fall 2010)

1. A bachelor's degree, which may be earned concurrently.

2. Consultation with the undergraduate advisor in the Geography Department.

3. At least 24 Units distributed as follows:

  • Core Requirements (6 Units):
    • GEOG 301i: TheUrban Scene (3)
    • GEOG 464: Urban Geography (3)
  • Concentration Requirements (18 Units), Choose ONE Option:
    • Certificate Track I: Applied Urban Geography:
      • Students MUST TAKE the following:
        GEOG 446: Land Use Planning (3)
        GEOG 467: Urban Geography: Metropolitan Problems (3)
        GEOG 485*: Principles of GIS (4)
        GEOG 487B: Applications of GIS: Urban and Economic (4)
        and choose one more from the following:
        ASAM 345: Asian American Community Analysis (3)
        CHLS 470i: Latinas/Latinos: Health Status and Health Care Access (3)
        CAFF 322: Family Housing and the Urban Community (3)
        CAFF 422: Housing Policies: Public and Private (3)
        GEOG 471 OR HSA 471: Geographic Information Science for Health (3)
    • Certificate Track II: Urban Theory and Practice:
      • Students MUST TAKE SIX of the following;
        GEOG 467: Urban Geography: Metropolitan Problems (3)
        GEOG 468: World Cities/Cities of the World (3)
        HIST 469: Ethnic Groups in Urban American: An Historical Examination (3)
        HIST 474i: The History and Culture of American Cities (3)
        POSC 327: Urban Politics (3)
        CHLS 421: Street Gangs in Comparative Perspective (3)
        DESN 367: History and Theory of Architecture (3)
      • *Students must take GEOG 380 before enrolling in this course. This course is a prerequisite and does not count toward the Certificate in Urban Studies.