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California State University, Long Beach
Department Of Human Development
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HDEV position statement on the work of Kevin MacDonald

The promotion of racial, ethnic and religious bigotry – whether through scholarship or other forms of activism — undermines the principles upon which this University was founded. Such bigotry also limits the opportunity of members of the university community to conduct meaningful intellectual exchanges in a context of mutual respect. For these reasons, the CSULB Department of Human Development hereby publically dissociates itself from the prejudicial views expressed by CSULB tenured Professor Kevin MacDonald of the Department of Psychology on his website and in many recent publications.

As a multidisciplinary department that includes psychology, anthropology, and sociology, the Department of Human Development is gravely concerned about Kevin MacDonald’s use and misuse of many concepts central to our intellectual pursuits and pedagogical philosophies. In particular, we deplore and reject his positions regarding racial differences, white ethnocentrism, Jewish traits, non-white immigration, social evolution, population genetics and intelligence testing (see attached Appendix) that at best promote intolerance and quite possibly could be used to incite hate crimes.

To be sure, our department considers itself an advocate for freedom and human rights for all. We also wish to emphasize that we believe in, respect and seek to protect the core principle of academic freedom. At the same time, we understand that academic freedom can sometimes be used to advance racism, bigotry, and other forms of intolerance.

We refer, in particular, to Kevin MacDonald’s writings that characterize Jews, African Americans, immigrants, and other ethnic groups in an odious and negative manner, and which assert that the behavior of these groups is the consequence of genetic predisposition. We find that MacDonald’s use of concepts such as “race” and “genetic inheritance” does not wrestle adequately with established standards and findings in our respective fields, as reflected, for example, in public statements on race made by the American Association of Anthropology and the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.

Furthermore, we reject MacDonald’s call for the creation of a white ethnostate to protect the interest of white Americans, his descriptions of Jews as “insular,” “aggressive” and “hyper-ethnocentric,” and his close association with the white nationalist journal, The Occidental Quarterly. Not only do Kevin MacDonald’s writings bear a close resemblance to those of Nazi racial theorists – and rely on one such theorist explicitly – but his writings are regularly used by white separatists and neo-Nazis to advance their cause.

In addition to our respect for the principle of academic freedom, we wish to make it clear that we do not seek to limit Kevin MacDonald’s First Amendment rights to speak or publish unpopular ideas. On the contrary, we believe we have the obligation to use our free speech rights to counter his writings on race, ethnicity and intelligence. We believe these writings hold little scholarly merit, but instead serve chiefly to justify and legitimize some of the oldest forms of intolerance and hate. We therefore commit to the ongoing use of progressive curriculum, research, service, discussion and activism in order to challenge the kinds of theoretical positions that Kevin MacDonald’s writings support.

Click here for evidentiary support provided by CSULB Jewish Studies.