People – Current Faculty

The best way to contact instructors is via email.  Voice messages are not recommended.

Additional hours are available by appointment.  Please email the faculty directly to schedule an appointment. Last updated: 10/9/2019 (Spring Office hours will be updated when finalized)

Full-Time Faculty

Professor Name Professor Title Professor Interests
E. Berquist Soule, Ph.D Email: Office: FO2-226 Phone: n/a    Office Hours: On leave S20 Professor Colonial Latin America and the Spanish Empire; Slavery and the Slave Trade; Atlantic History; Imperial Governance; Indigenous Peoples; The History of Religion

J. Blutinger, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-210 Phone: (562) 985-2196

Office Hours: Tu/Thu 1:30-2:30

Professor Chair, Jewish Studies Program Modern Europe, World, Jewish Studies (modern Jewish history, Holocaust, memory, historiography)

P. Cleary, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2 – 212 Phone: (562) 985 – 4419

Office Hours: Thu 10:30-11:30, 5:00-6:00

Professor United States (Revolution, early America)

K. Curtis, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-224 Phone: (562) 985-2401

Office Hours: M/W: 10:00-11:00, Tu: 3:30-4:30

Professor Africa, Comparative World

J. Dabel, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-202 Phone: (562) 985-2408

Office Hours: Tu/Thur: 9:30-11:30

Professor Editor, The History Teacher Undergraduate Advisor United States (African American, women)

J. Gomer, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-105A Phone: (562) 985-5090

Office Hours: Thu: 1:45-3:00

Assistant Professor United States, American Studies (African American Studies, race and cultural theory)

A. Hawk, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-118 Phone: (562) 985-4429

Office Hours: M/W: 11:00-12:00, W/Thu: 5:00-6:00

Lecturer U.S. and World History, California History, History of Medicine and Mental Health

A. Igmen, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-116 Phone: (562) 985-8765

Office Hours: On Leave S20

Professor Undergraduate Advisor Director, Oral History Program Central Asia, Russia, Middle East, World (theater, cultural)

A. Jenks, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-207 Phone: (562) 985-8759

Office Hours: W: 11:00-2:00

Professor Modern Europe, Russia (politics, technology, environment)

M. Kelleher, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-120 Phone: (562) 985-4462

Office Hours: M/W: 2:00-3:00, 5:00-6:00

Professor Medieval Europe (women & gender, medieval Spain, law and legal culture, Mediterranean encounters)

M. Kuo, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-215 Phone:(562) 985-4426

Office Hours: W: 12:00-3:00, Thu: 3:30-4:30

Professor Asia (modern China)

J. Lawler Email: Office: FO2-218 Phone: (562) 985-4420

Office Hours: Tu/Thu: 12:30-2:30, Tu: 5:00-6:00

Lecturer United States

G. Li, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-220 Phone: (562) 985-4465

Office Hours: M/W: 11:00-12:00

Professor Asia (Late Imperial China, family & gender, migration & social mobility)

E. Luhr, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-122 Phone: (562) 985-4511

Office Hours: On Leave S20

Professor Advisor, Social Science Credential Program United States (modern/contemporary U.S., politics, religion, cultural)

B. Mizelle, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-109 Phone: (562) 985-4424

Office Hours: M: 2:00-3:00; W: 12:30-1:30

Professor Director, American Studies United States, American studies (cultural, Early Republic and Antebellum, human-animal relationships, nature/culture)

C. Murdock, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-203 Phone: (562) 985-2601

Office Hours: Tu/Thu 1:00-2:00, Tu: 5:00-6:00

Professor Graduate Advisor Modern Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Germany (borderlands, social, cultural, transnational)

U. Piña, Ph.D. Email: Office:  FO2-112 Phone: (562) 985-4426

Office Hours: M/W: 11:00-12:00, Tu: 4:00-6:00

Assistant Professor Modern Latin America, Mexico

C. Ponce de Leon, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-214 Phone: (562) 985-4425

Office Hours: W: 10:00-11:45

Professor United States, American Studies (20th c. Cultural and Intellectual, Mass Media)

N. Quam-Wickham, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-208 Phone: (562) 985-4449

Office Hours: M/Thu: 5:00-6:15, W: 6:45-7:30

Professor United States (Western)
A. Rosas Email: Office: MHB-209A Phone: n/a Office Hours: Tu/Thu: 9:30-11:00 Assistant Professor, CHLS  
S. Sayegh, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-110 Phone: (562) 985-5428 Office Hours: None S20 Lecturer Europe, World, Critical Theory (early modern & modern Britain, methods & critical thinking)

S. Schrank, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-204 Phone: (562) 985-2293

Office Hours: Tu/Thu: 3:30-4:30

Professor United States (urban, public art, culture, women, California)
D. Shafer, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-102 Phone: (562) 985-4431 Office Hours: Days & hours vary, please email directly for appointment Professor Chair, Department of History Modern Europe (France, revolutions, cultural)

P. Sharma Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-110 Phone: (562) 985-5428

Office Hours: M: 10:30-12:00

Assistant Professor  

D. Sheridan, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-118 Phone: (562) 985-4458

Office Hours: Tu/Thu: 9:30-10:45, Tu: 5:20-6:20

Lecturer Modern Europe (Britain, gender, music, culture)

S. Smith Email: Office: FO2-212 Phone: (562) 985-4419

Office Hours: M/Tu/W/Thu: 12:00-2:00

 Lecturer  United States (19th c. American West, social & cultural)

M. Takeuchi, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-114 Phone: (562) 985-4440

Office Hours: Tu/Thurs: 8:30-9:00, 3:30-4:30

Associate Professor Japan (U.S.-Japan relations, women, sexuality)

H. Wilford, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-216 Phone: (562) 985-4422

Office Hours: M/W: 1:00-2:00, 4:00-4:30, 6:15-6:45

Professor United States (20th c., intellectual & diplomatic)

Part-Time Faculty

Professor Name Professor Title Professor Interests

K. Beltran Email: Office: FO2-226 Phone: n/a

Office Hours: M/W: 2:30-3:30, Tu/Thu: 11:00-12:00


G. Beirich Email: Office: FO2-111 Phone: (562) 985-4431 (dept. office)

Office Hours: M/W: 8:00-9:30

Lecturer Medieval Europe (intellectual & religious, monasticism & heresy)

M. Berkley Email: Office: FO2-201 Phone: N/a

Office Hours: Tu/Thu: 7:30-8:00


D. Binkiewicz Email: Office: FO2-107 Phone: (562) 985-4423

Office Hours: Tu/Thu: 9:30-11:00

Lecturer United States (recent, politics & culture)

D. Bolelli Email: Office: FO3-306 Phone: n/a

Office Hours: Thu: 5:00-6:30

Lecturer United States, Ancient Rome, Native American History, History of World Religions

N. Cates Email: Office: FO2-201 Phone: (562) 985-4423

Office Hours: W: 7:55-9:00pm

Lecturer History education in secondary schools, World History, Globalizing US History

K. Flach Email: Office: FO2-224 Phone: (562) 985-2401

Office Hours: Tu/Thu: 1:30-3:00


R. Flamein, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-218 Phone: (562) 985-4612

Office Hours: M/W: 12:30-1:45, Tu: 5:00-6:15


A. Fogleman Email: Office: FO2-214 Phone: (562) 985-4425

Office Hours: M: 10:30-11:00 (302), 3:15-3:30 (301), 6:00-6:30 (351), W: 10:30-11:00 (317), 3:15-3:30 (301)

Lecturer  Medieval Europe (Medicine, Religious Visionaries, Universities)

S. Gonzalez-Doo Email: Office: FO2-216 Phone: (562) 985-4422

Office Hours: M/W: 11:00-12:30, 1:30-3:00

Lecturer United States and World (20th c., Cold War, U.S.-Latin America, Migration, Revolutions, Decolonization)

G. Hamilton Email: Office: FO2-117 Phone: n/a

Office Hours: Tu/Thu: 1:00-3:30


H. Hernandez Email: Office: FO2-113 Phone: (562) 985-4429

Office Hours: Tu/W: 3:00-4:30


M. Jenrich   Email:

Office:  FO2-226, Phone:  n/a

Office Hours: M/W: 9:30-10:30


M. Larsen Email: Office: FO2-108 Phone: (562) 985-4612

Office Hours: Tu/Thu: 12:00-2:00

 Lecturer  Ancient History (Roman World & Ancient Greece)

I. Marek-DeSanto Email:  Ingrid.MarekDeSanto@csulb.eduOffice: FO2-110 Phone: (562) 985-5248

Office Hours: M/W: 9:30-10:45

 Lecturer  World History, Dutch Empire, and Women’s History
L. Mehlbrech Email: Office: FO2- Phone: (562) 985-4428 Office Hours: None S20  Lecturer  

R. Morris Email: Office: FO2-210 Phone: (562) 985-2196

Office Hours: M: 10:30-12:00


B. O’Neil, Ph.D. Email: Office: FO2-111 Phone: (562) 985-4410

Office Hours: M/W: 2:15-3:15

Lecturer United States (foreign relations, U.S.-Latin America, WWII, Cold War & Vietnam, immigration, CA history)

C. Parker Email: Office: FO2-216 Phone: (562) 985-4422

Office Hours: Tu/Thu: 6:30-7:30, Thu: 10:45-11:45

 Lecturer  US History (Post-1945, Political, Urban, and Race/Ethnicity)

R Schraff Email: Phone: (562) 985-4420 Office: FO2-108

Office Hours: M/W: 3:30-4:30, M: 1:00-2:00


A. Striegl Email: Office: FO2-122 Phone: n/a

Office Hours: Thu: 3:00-4:00

 Lecturer  United States

M. Wardaki Email: Office: FO2-208 Phone: (562) 985-4449

Office Hours: M: 11:00-12:00


A. Wemmer Email: Office: FO2-117 Phone: (562) 985-4428

Office Hours: W: 4:00-4:50

 Lecturer History Education, Development of reading and writing literacy, Civic Education