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California State University, Long Beach
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History B.A. Student Learning Objectives

Upon completing the Bachelor’s of Arts in History, individuals will be able to demonstrate the following:

  1. An understanding of the discipline of history and its methods, including such concepts as causality, conceptualization, and contextualization, as well as the role of theoretical advances within the discipline.
  2. An understanding of the major trends of historical knowledge of at least two subfields, and the relations between subfields within the larger context of global change.
  3. The facility to conduct research in both primary and secondary resources.
  4. Mastery of advanced analytical skills, including the ability to formulate historical questions, determine bias, express original arguments about the past, and  evaluate and interpret various types of evidence.
  5. Familiarity with basic mechanical skills of writing and analysis, including computer literacy and other skills appropriate to the discipline.
  6. Proficiency in presentation skills, including professionalism, facility with Powerpoint or other techniques of audio and visual content delivery, and the ability to construct an organized and coherent verbal presentation directed to appropriate audience levels.