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Damodar R. Sar Desai Prize Lesson Plan Rubric

Posted on February 15, 2013

Damodar R. Sar Desai Prize
Lesson Plan Rubric

Lesson Title: __________________________________________________________________________


_____   Follows basic directions: 1-3 class periods, standard lesson format, inclusion of all materials, and proper                 formatting (Proceed to rubric below; if not, stop reviewing lesson)



0 = not present; 1 = minimal; 2 = partially proficient; 3 = proficient; 4 = advanced proficient; 5 = outstanding


Depth of content

_____   Accuracy:  content is factually accurate (in age-appropriate ways)


_____   Depth of content:  provides deep and/or complex understanding of South Asia (in age-appropriate ways)


_____   Sources & materials:  effective and/or innovative use of primary sources, secondary sources and/or other                 materials


_____   Critical thinking:  fosters critical thinking about South Asia


_____   Significance:  topic is important and/or relevant (either in its own period or in the present)



Pedagogical strategies

_____   Questioning:  essential investigation question drives lesson inquiry


_____   Content presentation:  content presented clearly and effectively through lecture, reading, film, etc.


_____   Guided practice:  teacher models and/or guides students through content


_____ Independent practice:  lesson devotes substantive time to student exploration of content alone or with classmates


_____ Assessment:  students have ample opportunity to convey substantive learning through effective assessment



_____ TOTAL SCORE (out of 50)