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California State University, Long Beach
International Studies
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"Old" major requirements

Students who declared IST in AY 2010-2011 or before will follow these requirements, but have the option to choose the "New" requirements instead.

A minimum of 45 units in a program approved by the International Studies advisor.

Requirements not included in major

Economic Literacy: (Units not included in total for major; may be fulfilled as part of General Education): ECON 100, 101: or, with prior permission of the International Studies Advisor, ECON 300

Foreign Language: Three years of college level study or equivalent proficiency in a language appropriate to the program of study and geographic area concentration selected.

Major Requirements

Lower Division: (12 units): IST 200, plus 9 units from ANTH 120; HIST 212; GEOG 100 or 160; POSC 215 or 220.

Note: we now accept POSC 218 as a substitution for either POSC 215 or POSC 220.

Upper Division: A minimum of 33 units including:

Cross-Cultural Communication: 3 units, chosen from: ANTH 412I, ANTH/LING 413; COMM 330

Basics of International Relations:  Select 6 units from the following: ECON 370, 372; GEOG 470; HIST/I/ST 478; POSC 371, 378, 485

Developmental Studies: 6 units, selected from: ANTH/GEOG 307I; ECON 465; GEOG 460; H/SC 420I; JOUR 312I; POSC 461I; I/ST 317I, 318I, 319I, 355I; SOC 350; W/ST 401I.

Contemporary Belief Systems:  3 units selected from: ANTH 305I; ECON 313; POSC 306; R/ST 383I; SOC 356.

Area Concentration:  Choose 9 units from one of the following six areas:  Asia; Latin America; Africa; North Africa and the Middle East; Eastern Europe/Former Soviet Union; Western Europe.

Internship or Foreign Study: (I/ST 492, 3 units) An internship of foreign study program related to the course of study selected, as approved by the major advisor.

Senior Research Seminar: (I/ST 490, 3 units) As approved by the director of the International Studies Program.