Jazmin Lucero

Jazmin LuceroStudent profile: Jazmin Lucero

As 2017-18 president of the Public Relations Student Society of America of Long Beach, Jazmin Lucero was deeply involved in the CSULB Journalism & Public Relations department during her time as a student. Now that she’s graduated, she is eager to use the skills she’s acquired and apply them to her career.

 What’s next for you?

Lucero: I technically have one more semester to finish up before completing my undergraduate degree. I am so grateful to have been accepted to study at the Danish School of Media and Journalism this fall. As for what comes after, I’m trying to take it one adventure at a time. But I’ve decided to continue my travels around Europe and Asia. After five consecutive years of school at Rio Hondo College and CSULB, I’m ready to take a breather and just feel inspired again.

How will you use what you learned at CSULB in your career?

Lucero: Learning how to create various PR materials in class (like a crisis communications plan and a press kit) are valuable skills I’ll bring with me to the workforce. Working on campus as a social media assistant for Associated Students Inc. gave me experience managing and strategizing for multiple social media accounts. I learned how to align my writing and ideas with a specific brand voice. My role as 2017-18 president of the Public Relations Student Society of America Long Beach Chapter prepared me for managing a team, as well as for working with different personalities. 

What types of internships did you have during your time at CSULB?

Lucero: I had one with 22 West Media on campus and another with the Lupus Research Alliance. During my internship with 22 West Media, I gained insight on how television and radio stations run. I used most of my hours attending various skill-building workshops and learned how to operate technical camera and sound equipment. I was even able to report campus news live on-air. As a communications intern for the Lupus Research Alliance, I helped with event planning, interdepartment correspondence, media relations and community outreach.

What was your favorite thing about the Journalism & Public Relations program?

Lucero: My favorite part of the program was having a strong faculty support system. It’s an empowering feeling knowing that our professors not only understand that life happens, but they also genuinely want to see their students succeed in this competitive market. While their teaching methods vary, I believe all the JPR staff and faculty have the student’s best interests at heart. It definitely helps that Jennifer Fleming, our department chair, is so open-minded and willing to listen to student feedback. 

What do you hope to do with your career long-term?

Lucero: In the next five years, I plan to continue building my network of professionals across different industries and countries, even though I see myself ending up working in the pop culture and cannabis spaces. I want to experience working at agencies varying from boutique to large in size, but I also would not mind working in-house for a company or organization whose mission I sincerely believe in. My ultimate career goals are to land a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and eventually start my own integrated marketing communications agency. 

 What will you miss about The Beach?

Lucero: It doesn’t take me long to make new friends, but I will miss the camaraderie and sense of pride I found here on campus, especially with being involved in different organizations. The Beach may be a commuter school of almost 40,000 students, but everyone I’ve met these last two years is extremely passionate about their work and accomplishments, regardless of what department they belong to. I’m in constant awe at how talented and dedicated CSULB students are. I’m also going to miss all the free food opportunities!