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California State University, Long Beach
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Alumnus profile: Jeffrey Anderson

Jeffrey received his B.A. in Linguistics in Fall 2012.

What is your current job?

I am an English language instructor at a Berlitz language center.

Has your linguistics major helped in your career?

Absolutely. The method used at this institution is based on linguistic research, so the history and rationale taught during my training were very familiar to me. Furthermore, I believe my education also helps me to understand speech errors and the divide between what people intend to say and what they produce.

Did you enjoy your time in the linguistics program?

I very much enjoyed my time at CSULB. The best part about the program for me was the exposure to languages and research I would not otherwise have encountered out in life. Not only has this broad view given me a great awareness of the diversity of languages in the world, it has also given me a great appreciation for the diversity of the cultures and people who use them.

I remember well when I first began doing original research as a student, gathering and analyzing my own recorded data. I felt a great sense of satisfaction when I realized my education had enabled me to produce work in my field.

How would you describe the linguistics program at CSULB?

The program at CSULB encompasses a broad variety of subjects, but really allows the student to choose classes based on their particular interests. I chose to take classes with a theoretical angle, but I knew students who were tailoring their education to go into teaching as well as the social sciences.

What advice would you offer to current students?

Make a note of things that you found provocative, interesting, or just funny during the course of your study. Even if you forget some of the technical information, you’ll remember why you studied what you did and what it meant for you.

[updated July 2013]