Linguistics Faculty

Note: due to renovation of the PSY building, most Linguistics faculty are in the process of moving to temporary offices during late May / early June. Their pages will be updated with new office locations when the move is complete.

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Picture of Rebekha Abbuhl

Dr. Rebekha Abbuhl

Graduate advisor

Second language acquisition; second language writing; research methods; statistics for linguistic research

Picture of Michael Ahland

Dr. Michael Ahland

Undergraduate advisor

Syntax; typology; historical linguistics; tone; language documentation; Ethiopian languages

Picture of Michael Fender

Dr. Michael Fender

First and second language literacy acquisition

Picture of Malcolm Finney

Dr. Malcolm Finney
Director, Faculty Center for Professional Development

Language acquisition, bilingualism, Pidgin & Creole studies

Picture of Nancy Hall

Dr. Nancy Hall

Department chair

Phonetics; phonology; corpus linguistics; Semitic languages

Dr. Sarvenaz Hatami

TESOL; second language acquisition; second language teacher education

Picture of Wendy Klein

Dr. Wendy Klein

Language and culture; sociolinguistics; linguistic anthropology; ethnography of communication; Japanese

Picture of Barbara Lemaster

Dr. Barbara LeMaster

Director, ASLD program

Deaf sign languages; language and gender.

 Wanette Reynolds

Dr. Wanette Reynolds

bimodal bilingual language development, sign language acquisition, referent cohesion in sign languages, narrative development, heritage signers

Picture of Amir Sharifi

Dr. Amir Sharifi

Literacy socialization; Persian orthographic tradition; language and education; Kurdish as a heritage language.



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Dr. Colleen Ahland



Dr. Matthew Davidson


Language documentation; language typology; historical linguistics; Wakashan languages

Picture of Ranida Delarosa

Ranida Delarosa


Language acquisition; Southeast Asian dialects

Picture of Cheryl Fantuzzi

Dr. Cheryl Fantuzzi


Language acquisition

Picture of Joseph Galasso

Dr. Joseph Galasso

Syntactic processing, language acquisition

Picture of Petra Lott

Dr. Petra Lott


Psycholinguistics; aphasia; linguistic effects of depression; German


Emeritus Faculty

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Picture of John Attinasi

Dr. John Attinasi

Picture of Robert Hertz Dr. Robert Hertz
Picture of Lorraine Kumpf

Dr. Lorraine Kumpf


Discourse and grammar, functional syntax, formulaicity, African languages

Picture of Xiaoping Liang

Dr. Xiaoping Liang


Picture of Carol Lord

Dr. Carol Lord


Language structures and historical change; language proficiency and assessments; literacy

Picture of Stephen Ross Dr. Stephen Ross
Picture of Sara Smith Dr. Sara Smith


In Memoriam

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Picture of Alexandra Jaffe

Dr. Alexandra Jaffe

linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, Corsica, minority languages, education, media

Picture of Pamela Bunte Dr. Pamela Bunte