Lab facilities

Anthropology and Linguistics Lab (PSY 422)

Spring 2018 Lab Hours

The lab is open Monday-Thursday, 12-5.

Contact the Lab
(generally monitored only during the semester)

(562) 985-1303

The Lab Offers

  • Mac and PC stations, laptops
  • software for video and audio editing, statistical analysis, acoustic analysis, linguistic database analysis
  • video equipment: camcorders, digital cameras, tripods
  • audio equipment: MP3 recorders, tape recorders, microphones
  • video projectors, DVD and VHS players

Students in Anthropology and Linguistics courses can borrow equipment for their coursework. Check-out is usually for 3 days. We recommend reserving equipment a week in advance.

Long term check-out is available to graduate students with faculty permission.

Linguistics recording room (438D)

The recording room is equipped with a Marantz PMD 660 solid-state recorder and Shure PG-81 cardioid condensor microphone. To reserve, contact Dr. Nancy Hall. 


Linguistics research lab (438G)

The research lab is primarily used by students working as faculty research assistants, including through the BUILD and UROP programs.

Internet Resources

We recommend Video Recording Recommendations, a primer for amateur videographers provided by Talkbank.Org.