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California State University, Long Beach
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Steps for Fulfilling University Requirements

1. Conference with Linguistics Graduate Advisor

Click here for the contact information on the Graduate Advisor of Linguistics, Dr. Xiaoping Liang. 2. Satisfy CSULB Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) Satisfying the GWAR is required for a degree, certificate, or for advancement to candidacy for a Master’s degree. Students must take the GPE during their first semester of residence. Every candidate must pass the GPE or satisfy the GWAR through GRE, GMAT, or coursework such as LING 301 in order to advance to candidacy. For more Information, visit the GPE page. Ways to Prepare for the GPE

  • Workshops: (562) 985-4007
  • International Students’ Conversation Lab: (562) 985-5350
  • The Writer’s Resource Lab: (562) 985-4329
  • GPE Advising: (562) 985-5350
  • GPE-Related Courses: For GPE 10 and GPE 20, register through Enrollment Services (GPE advisor’s consent may be needed). For the online English Writing Proficiency program, contact Dr. Rebekha Abbuhl at here.

students consulting each other

3. Satisfy Deficiencies and Prerequisite Course Work

Students are selected on the basis of evidence that they possess the academic and personal skills necessary for success in a graduate program. They are expected to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher in their last 60 units of study. They must submit three letters of recommendation and a statement of their background and goals. Special consideration is given to students having experience with different cultures, languages, and/or language teaching. International students need to complete an additional application from the Center for International Education (CIE). The University requires a TOFEL score of 550 or higher (or 213 for computer-based, or 80 for Internet-based), the CSULB Examination in ESL to be taken upon arrival, and a statement of financial support. Students not meeting language requirements may take ESL courses through American Language Institute (ALI) at CSULB to prepare themselves for admission to regular courses. For more information on International Students Admission, please click here. To satisfy prerequisites please click here for TESOL Certificate students and here for M.A. students.

4. Advancement to Candidacy (approval of Student’s Program of Study)

When you have completed all prerequisites, passed the GPE, have an overall GPA of 3.0, plus completed 6-9 units of your graduate program, you should arrange to advance to candidacy (for MA students) or file the TESOL Certificate Checklist (for Certificate students). The advancement form or the TESOL Certificate checklist must be filed at least one semester prior to the one you plan to graduate The Advancement to Candidacy form and the TESOL Certificate Checklist are contracts with the University regarding the courses you will complete to receive your degree or certificate.

5. Maintain Continuous Enrollment

Students must obtain an academic leave of absence for any semester in which they do not enroll or will be required to reapply to the University. Click here for Educational Leave Instructions and Form under Registration in the Enrollment Services Forms and Publications Web site.

6. Complete the Program of Study

To complete the program of study, students are required to:

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Complete the program within seven years from date of initial course work for MA students. Courses taken before seven years of the date the student program was initiated need to be revalidated.
  • Complete the program within five years from date of initial course work for TESOL Certificate students. Courses taken before five years of the date the student program was initiated need to be revalidated.

7. Request to Graduate Form

The Request to Graduate form is the final verification that you have completed all courses contracted in your Advancement to Candidacy or TESOL Certificate Checklist. Students file the Request to Graduate form with Enrollment Services. The Request to Graduate Form should be filed at the beginning of the semester before the semester you intend to graduate.

8 Pass Comprehensive Examination or Complete a Thesis

Students taking the comps exams should register in LING 697 and work closely with a formally approved comps advisor. Thesis students should register in LING 698 and work closely with a thesis committee. You will be asked to demonstrate the following skills that are widely acknowledged to be requirements for an M.A.: mastery of the basic content of the field; integration and application of the basic material in the field; ability to master new material in the field; ability to integrate new material with basic content of the field; and ability to contribute your own analyses, applications, and research ideas.

9. Be Enrolled in Graduating Semester

If all course work has been completed and advancement has been taken place, students may enroll in GS700 to maintain continuous enrollment and to have access to CSULB facilities. Enrollment in GS700 must be approved by the Graduate Advisor, and is limited to two-consecutive semesters.