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California State University, Long Beach
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Theses and Comps – 2008

Winter 2008 – Thesis

Eric Chuk
Characterizing Authorship: Stylometric and Pragmatic Analysis of Editorials in Political Newsmagazines

Spring 2008 – Comps

Jennifer Barber
Gender in the classroom: A look at gender in the university setting

Chia-P Chao
Metadiscourse in the English and Chinese Timed Essay Assessments

Chen-yu Cho
The Effect of Different Forms of Feedback on CFL Writing

Kelly Gurnea
Article Use in the Written Modality: A Trade-off Between Accuracy and Fluency?

Yuan-Chen Hsiao
The Effects of Pre-reading Test Questions on L2 Reading Comprehension Taken by Taiwanese Students

Tiffany Jacobs-Quinn
“You nailed it on the cabeza, carbon:” Mock Spanish as a tool of intersubjectivity

Ayana Kondo
High Rising Terminal (HRT) in Job Interviews and Impact on Employability: HRT as a positive interactional strategy and reconsideration of categorization of powerful vs. powerless language

Patrycja Landowska
Research Article Introductions: Comparison of Polish and English Rhetoric According to CARS Analysis

Kate Leeds
Don’t Interrupt Me, I Won’t Interrupt You: Distributions of Power at the Crossroads of Gender and Status

Qiuyu Li
Code-switching in a Bilingual Couple’s Conversation: A case study

Miki Mori
Recognition and Production of Politeness Strategies in E-mail Requests by Native and Non-Native Speakers of English

Mutita Prajakvinaibodee
Cross-cultural Pragmatics: Effects of cross-cultural backgrounds and social status on request and refusal strategies in English

Stephanie A. Sanford
Learning a Diglossic Language: Experiences in Kosovo

Toni Torres
Relationships between Language Anxiety Modalities in a College ESL Reading Class

Christopher Trueblood
Performance, Interaction and Identity in Freemasonry Initiation

Melike Unal
Effects of Cultural Background & Exposure on Appropriate Speech Act Realizations of Complaints in English by Native Turkish Speakers

Fall 2008 – Comps

Yi-An Chen
The Effect of Degree of Bilingualism on Cognitive Functioning

Meng-Chuan Hsieh
Effects of parental background and Attitudes Toward Children’s Heritage Language Development and Maintenance in Chinese Immigrant Families

Shinichi Muranaka
The Past and the Present of Vowels in California: An acoustic study on the western vowel

Teresa Nguyen
Rethinking the CPH: An investigation of age-related effects on NS of Vietnamese acquiring English morphosyntax

Konoe Uehara
Gender-based Differences in Japanese Compliments

Svetco Vladich Jr.
Code-switching as an effective communication strategy among Spanish-English adult bilinguals

Yi-Chin Wang
The Effects of Age and Cultural Orientation on Language Choice by Chinese-English Bilinguals in Southern California

Suzanne Yow
Nonstandard Orthography and Typography on Internet Message Boards: Flavor of Love 3 vs. Rock of Love 2

Theses and Comps