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California State University, Long Beach
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Thesis and Comps – 2009

Spring 2009 – Thesis

Deidre Brookman
Establishing Context for Referents in Online Chatroom Conversations

Spring 2009 – Comps

Yoshie Araki
Discourse of Corrective Feedback in ESL Classes: Teachers’ Choices of Corrective Feedback Types

Cynthia Azarcon
Evaluating the Effects of the CPH on Arab-English Bilinguals’ Production of English Front and Back Vowels

Nathan Brown
American Children and Their Attitudes about British Accents

In-Young Cha
Errors in Articles among Native Speakers of Chinese, Native Speakers of Japanese, and Native Speakers of Korean Adult ESL

Yu-Fang Chiang
Production and Perception Research: The Relationship between Foreign Accents and English vowel Perception Abilities by Native Mandarin Speakers

Chih-Jung (Flora) Hsiao
Second Language Acquisition of Chinese Relative Clauses by English and Japanese Speaking Learners

Richard Huber
Extraversion / Introversion and Accent in Second Language

Kazuko Iwata
Japanese Intra / Interpersonal Negotiation Markers in Casual Instant Messaging

Neta Kaminski
Communicative Functions of Pre-Kindergartners’ L1 and L2 Meta-Discourse: Learning Hebrew Vocabulary through Total Physical Response Activities and Songs

Fumi Koizumi
Relevant Variables in the Improvement of Adult Late Japanese L2 Learners’ English Pronunciation

Chih-Yi Ku
Adult ESL Learners’ Anxiety Levels and Perceptions of Different Kinds of Classroom Activities

Steven Logsdon
Voiced Stop Spirantization in the ESL Speech of Native Speakers of Spanish: A Replication of Mary L. Zampini’s Study

Cecilia Ornelas
Exploring Soap Operas Closings as an Instructional Tool in English Classrooms Focusing On Conversation

Viethang Pham
The Effects of Motivation on the English Proficiency of the Native Vietnamese Adult Speakers

Ikuko Sakuraba
The Acoustic Characteristics of Native Japanese Speakers’ Production of English/r/ and /l/: How differently do they pronounce /r/ and /l/?

Michiko Schricker
Frequency and Functions of Passive Constructions in Japanese Newspaper Articles

Yen-Ting Tseng
Exposure to the Culture: The Impact on Comprehending Idioms

Mike Yamakawa
The Use of Computer-Mediated-Communication (CMC) and Science Vocabulary Acquisition in a One-Way Japanese Immersion Classroom

Fall 2009 – Thesis

Ivana Guarrasi
Words Apart: Patterns of Communication and the Schooling of Roma Children in Slovak Classrooms

Fall 2009 – Comps

Swan Anderson
Teaching of computer assisted segmentals and supra segmentals and the effect on intelligibility of ESL students

Otto Cifuentes
Social stratification among Spanish speakers in California

Courtney Colburn
Language maintenance and shift among Tzotil (Maya) speakers in Southern Mexico

John Costello
The acquisition of pragmatic competence by native Japanese speakers of English

Seu-Ran Park
Differences in the use of English articles by Korean ESL and EFL students

Elena Roman
The effectiveness of explicit instruction of linguistic forms in a second language classroom

Mohammad Salihie
Perceptual assimilation and syllable phonotactics: Chinese speakers’ perception of syllable-final voiceless stops

Akiko Tamura
Effect of and interaction between working memory and length of residence: What determines L2 syntactic proficiency?

Vanessa Tindall
The application of conversation analysis and Grice’s Maxims to instant messages

Theses and Comps