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California State University, Long Beach
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Archive for 2014

Philosophy asks fundamental and interesting questions.


Philosophy attempts to answer such questions as: How should one live? What is the just society? What is knowledge? What is the human mind? How does language refer to the world? What is the nature of reality? Does God exist? What is science, and what makes it successful? Wouldn’t it be fun and interesting to seriously reflect […]

Philosophy is great preparation for graduate and professional school.


There’s no single major whose students outperform philosophy majors on either the LSAT or the GRE. Philosophy students are also among the top-scorers on the GMAT (the business school entrance exam), out-scoring every business major. It’s probably not a coincidence that many legal, political, and business leaders have philosophy backgrounds!
Our own Prof. Alexander Klein further explains […]

Philosophy teaches critical thinking and analytical writing skills that are important for success in any career.

Woman thinking

These skills are also highly valued by employers: the average mid-career salaries of philosophy majors are among the very highest of all majors, as this Wall Street Journal study indicates.
Our own Prof. Alexander Klein further explains the value of the philosophy major here.