Advising and Tutoring

Advising and Tutoring

Graduate Advising

Graduate advising in Philosophy is performed by the Director of the Graduate Program (Prof. Alex Klein). Please contact him for an appointment, or visit him during office hours.

Office: MHB–912
SP19 Office Hours
: 562–985–5448

Undergraduate Advising

As of FA14, undergraduate advising for the College of Liberal Arts is now centrally organized and performed by the ATLAS Network (562–985–7804), which is located in PH1–104. ATLAS primarily assists students with general advising issues: general education requirements, overall degree progress, double-majoring or enrollment in a minor, study abroad, the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE), academic review and timely graduation, and other broad curricular matters.

Most questions should be handled by ATLAS advisors. For questions that require a response from the Department Chairperson or Undergraduate Advisor, please contact Prof. Nellie Wieland:

Office: MHB–905
SP19 Office Hours: please e-mail for an appointment
Phone: 562–985–4346

SP19 Graduate Assistants and Tutors

Each semester, the Department provides support to undergraduate students. Graduate assistants are assigned to a specific professor/course to provide assistance with classroom management, course organization and grading, and additional office hours. Graduate tutors hold extended office hours to help students in multiple sections or across multiple courses.

All graduate assistants and tutors hold their office hours in the department seminar room (MHB–915). Please e-mail for an appointment; walk-ins are happily accepted. 

Photograph Information
Avery Amerson
Graduate Assistant for PHIL100: Introduction to Philosophy (section 01 with Prof. Alex Klein)

Vincent del Prado
Graduate Assistant for PHIL101: The Meaning of Life (section 01 with Prof. Larry Nolan)

Miguel Hernandez
Graduate Tutor

  • Office: MHB–915
  • SP19 Office Hours: Tuesdays 3:00–5:00pm; Thursdays 2:00–5:00pm
  • E-mail:
Jeffrey Lee
Graduate Tutor

  • Office: MHB–915
  • SP19 Office Hours: Monday 11:00am–1:00pm; Wednesday 9:00am–12:00pm