Alumni Spotlight: Melissa Ramirez-Noss

Melissa Ramirez-Noss, BA in Philosophy ’11 & MA in Philosophy ‘14


Melissa earned her Bachelors in Philosophy in 2011 and her Masters in Philosophy in 2014 with a focus in History of Early Modern Philosophy and Applied Ethics. During her time at Cal State Long Beach, Melissa organized quarterly beach cleanups through California’s ‘Adopt-a-Beach’ program. Melissa is grateful for the education and encouragement she received at CSULB. ‘I always felt welcome to share my voice and perspective. After I graduated, I continued to benefit from my connections with both professors and classmates.’ Currently, Melissa is a Philosophy Faculty Member and Student Learning Outcome Facilitator for the Social Sciences Department at Long Beach City College. Additionally, she serves as co-advisor to the Philosophy Club and the Tabletop Games Club. She also teaches Philosophy at El Camino College in Torrance.