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California State University, Long Beach
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Major in Philosophy

The Major in Philosophy provides an intellectually rigorous program of study in a supportive environment. It is a superlative foundation for later intellectual pursuits, or for developing skills, or simply for those with an interest in Philosophy. It is also an excellent choice for a double-major. Students can shape the major to their particular interests and needs.


Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Major in Philosophy (code 2-6807) consists of a minimum of 36 units. Of those 36 units, at least 24 must be upper-division coursework.

Lower-Division: Required:

The following three courses are required for the major:

PHIL203: History of Early Western Philosophy
PHIL204: History of Modern Western Philosophy
PHIL270: Symbolic Logic

Lower-Division: Optional:

One course from the following courses can be counted toward the major, but none are required:

PHIL100: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL101: Meaning of Life
PHIL156: Philosophy of Rock, Rap, and Beyond
PHIL160: Introduction to Ethics
PHIL261: Philosophy and Film

Upper-Division: Required:

Two courses from the following list are required to satisfy the distribution area of Historical Traditions and Figures:

PHIL306: Philosophies of China and Japan
PHIL307: Philosophies of India
PHIL413: Continental Rationalism
PHIL414: British Empiricism
PHIL416: Pragmatism
PHIL417: Phenomenology

PHIL418: Existentialism
PHIL419: Analytic Philosophy
PHIL421: Plato
PHIL422: Aristotle
PHIL423: Kant
PHIL424: Hegel

PHIL425: Wittgenstein
PHIL490: Special Topics: Early Philosophy
PHIL491: Special Topics: The Modern Tradition
PHIL492: Special Topics: Twentieth Century Philosophy

Two courses from the following list are required to satisfy the distribution area of Logic, Metaphysics, and Epistemology:

PHIL330: Philosophy of Religion
PHIL342: Metaphysics

PHIL381: Philosophy of Science
PHIL382: Theory of Knowledge
PHIL482: Introduction to Cognitive Science
PHIL483: Philosophical Psychology
PHIL484: Philosophy of Language

PHIL493: Special Topics: Metaphysical Studies
PHIL494: Special Topics: Epistemological Studies
PHIL495: Special Topics: Logic and Semantics

Two courses from the following list are required to satisfy the distribution area of Values and Evaluation:

PHIL351: Political Philosophy
PHIL352: Philosophy of Law
PHIL361: Philosophy of Art
PHIL363: Ethical Theory
PHIL400: Business Ethics
PHIL401: Philosophy in Education
PHIL403: Medical Ethics
PHIL405: Philosophy in Literature
PHIL451: Liberty and Justice: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in American Law

PHIL452: Law, Philosophy, and the Humanities
PHIL455: Philosophical Perspectives on Sex and Love

PHIL461: Diversity in Criticism and Analysis of the Arts
PHIL496: Special Topics: Value and Evaluation

Upper-Division: Optional:

The remaining 6 units of upper-division coursework are electives. Students can count up to 6 units of Honors coursework toward the Major. Up to 6 units of Directed Study coursework may also be counted.

PHIL497H: Undergraduate Honors Seminar
PHIL498H: Undergraduate Honors Thesis
PHIL499: Directed Studies