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California State University, Long Beach
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Colloquia, Events, Symposia, and Conferences

The Department of Philosophy features various colloquia, workshops, and other events throughout the academic year. For questions or information, please contact the Department Chairperson, Dr. Nellie Wieland <>.

See here for the schedule of events for the Applied Ethics Forum [AEF].

See here for the CLA Scholarly Intersections events [CLA].


Current Events


Symposium: 2017 CSULB Philosophy Day • 12 May 2017, 12:30pm5:00pm [For information, contact organizer Nellie Wieland.]  |  photos from the event
Keynote: Brady Heiner (Cal State Fullerton) ‘Prosecuting race: mass incarceration and the unfinished project of American abolition’
Faculty Speaker: Jason Raibley (Cal State Long Beach) ‘Virtue and the metaphysics of well-being’

Colloquium [AEF]: Justin Klockseim (University of Alabama Tuscaloosa) ‘Epistocracy: a wolf in wolf’s clothing‘ • 06 April 2017, 3:30pm5:00pm, PH1108

Panel Discussion: ‘Women and the Law‘, featuring Amanda Trefethen • 05 Apr 2017, 6:00pm7:30pm, PH1140

Colloquium [AEF]: Molly Gardner (Bowling Green State University) ‘Doing right by future generations‘ • 09 Mar 2017, 3:30pm5:00pm, PH1135

Thesis Defense: Mitch Kaufman (Cal State Long Beach) ‘Direct versus indirect correspondence: dissolving the distinction‘ • 27 Feb 2017,10:00pm12:15pm, MHB–915

Colloquium [AEF]: Kristina Meshelski (Cal State Northridge) ‘Calexit from a social contract perspective• 23 Feb 2017, 3:30pm5:00pm, PH1108

Colloquium: Patrick Connelly (Iowa State University) ‘Locke’s epistemology and the metaphysics of relations‘ • 06 Feb 2017, 4:30pm6:00pm, FA1202

Intersections [CLA]: Rebecca Gordon (San Francisco State University) ‘Torture and ethics: US policy and practice in the age of terror’ • 03 Nov 2016, 4:00pm6:00pm, USU205 [Co-sponsored with Departments of Anthropology, Asian & Asian American Studies Religious Studies, and Sociology. For information, contact organizer Sam Coleman (AAAS).]

Thesis Defense: Nathan Lackey (Cal State Long Beach) ‘Scientific realism and the geometric structure of physical theories‘ • 30 Sept 2016, 8:30am10:30am, MHB–915


Previous Events


Thesis Defense: Andrew Bollhagen (Cal State Long Beach) ‘An empirical look at the transparency of perceptual experience‘ • 30 Jun 2016,11:00am–1:30pm, MHB–915

Symposium: Philosophy of Geometry • 5:00pm7:00pm, 02 May 2016, LA1304
Guest Speaker: John Mumma (Cal State San Bernardino) ‘Intuitions, axioms and Euclid’s diagrammatic proof method’

Symposium: 2016 CSULB Philosophy Day • 12:30pm4:00pm, 22 Apr 2016, LA2100 [For information, contact organizers Joanne Dalby, Rebekah Ochoa-Chauvie, & Larry Nolan.]  |  photos from the event

Reading Group: Philosophy of Mathematics [For information, contact organizer Nathan Lackey.]

Intersections [CLA]: Quixote Quadricentennial: A SoCal Symposium • 28 Oct 2015, 1:00pm7:00pm, AS110 Anatol Center [Co-sponsored with Departments of RGRLL, English, CHLS, CWL, Classics, Latin American Studies, and the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. For information, contact organizer Bonnie Gasior (SPAN).]


Symposium: 2015 CSULB Philosophy Day • 9:00am5:30pm, 24 Apr 2015, AS119 Anatol Center [For information, contact organizers Alex Klein & Jason Raibley.]
Keynote: Adrienne Martin (Claremont McKenna) ‘Instantive morality’
Guest Speaker
: Michael Rings (Bellevue College) ‘Authenticity, self-fulfillment, and Revolutionary Road
Guest Speaker: Andrew Howat (Cal State Fullerton) ‘What’s the use of truth? Pragmatism and conceptual analysis’
Guest Speaker: Cailin O’Connor (University of California Irvine) ‘Modeling the evolution of guilt’

Colloquium: Nellie Wieland (Cal State Long Beach) ‘More to the story: quotation as broadly metarepresentational’ • 5:00pm6:30pm, 11 May 2015, LA3108

Colloquium [AEF]: Dale Dorsey (University of Kansas) ‘A good death’ • 3:30pm5:00pm, 09 Apr 2015, VEC113

Colloquium [AEF]: Meghan Masto (Lafayette College) ‘Empathy, autism, psychopathy, and right action’ • 05 Mar 2015

Colloquium [AEF]: Megs Gendreau (Cal Poly Pomona) ‘Relocation, climate migration, and justification’ • 26 Feb 2015

Colloquium: Sam Newlands (Notre Dame) ‘Backing into Spinoza’ • 3:30pm5:15pm, 23 Oct 2014, AS119 [Karl Anatol Center]


Symposium: 2014 CSULB Philosophy Day • 9:00pm5:30pm, 24 Apr 2014, LA1–304 [For information, contact organizers Wayne Wright & Marcy Lascano.]
Keynote: Janet Levin (University of Southern California) ‘Is there a hard problem of consciousness?’
Guest Speaker: Foad Dizadji-Bahmani (Cal State Los Angeles) ‘On the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics’

Colloquium [SPA]: Jeffrey Broughton (Cal State Long Beach) ‘Buddhist philosophy’ • 5:00pm6:00pm, 23 Apr 2014 in LA1-300

Colloquium [SPA]: Charles Wallis (Cal State Long Beach) ‘Do philosophers dream of Platonic sheep?’ • 5:00pm6:00pm, 27 Mar 2014 in LA1308

Colloquium [AEF]: Russ Shafer-Landau (University of Wisconsin) ‘The morality of the death penalty’ • 3:30pm5:00pm, 06 Mar 2014, LA5165

Colloquium [CLA]: John Corvino (Wayne State University) ‘The definition of marriage’ • 3:30pm5:30pm, 06 Feb 2014, AS119 Anatol Center [Co-sponsored with Departments of Political Science, Religious Studies, WGSS, and the Center for First Amendment Studies. For information, contact organizer Jason Raibley (AEF).]


Symposium: 2013 CSULB Philosophy Day • 9:45am6:00pm, 03 May 2013 in AS234 [For information, contact organizers Marcy Lascano & Jason Raibley.]
Keynote: Aaron James (University of California Irvine) ‘On the philosophical interest and surprising significance of the asshole’
Guest Speaker: Kristen Irwin (Biola University) ‘Reason in Bayle and Leibniz’

Colloquium: Ken Brown (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) ‘Virtual persons: lessons from Locke’ • 5:00pm7:00pm, 03 May 2012 in LA5-167


Symposium: 2012 CSULB Philosophy Day • 9:00am5:30pm 11 May 2012 in AS235 [For information, contact organizers Cory Wright & Alex Klein.]
Keynote: Robin Jeshion (University of Southern California) ‘Dehumanizing slurs’
Faculty Speaker: Max Rosenkrantz (Cal State Long Beach) ‘Bergmann, ontology, and the ideal language method’

Colloquium: Eric Schliesser (Ghent University) ‘Spinoza and the Newtonians on motion and matter (and God, of course)’ • 3:30pm-5:30pm, 21 Oct 2011 in LA5246


Colloquium: Jeremy Heis (University of California Irvine) ‘Kant on parallel lines’ • 5:00pm7:00pm, 07 Apr 2011 in ???

Colloquium: Sean Greenberg (University of California Irvine) ‘Occasionalism and human freedom in Malebranche: things that undermine each other’ • 5:00pm7:00pm, 24 Mar 2011 in CBA122

Conference: Pacific Society for Women in Philosophy (P-SWIP), Pacific Division Meeting [For information, contact organizer Nellie Wieland.]
Keynote speaker: Talia Bettcher (Cal State Los Angeles) ‘Full frontal morality: transphobia, intimacy, and the LAPD treatment of transgender individuals’

Colloquium: Adam Swenson (Cal State Northridge) ‘Gnawing, searing, stabbing and throbbing: what pains might represent’ • 21 Sept 2010 in LA1304

Colloquium: Alexander Klein (Cal State Long Beach) ‘Francis Galton’s experimental philosophy: the case against Berkeley on abstract ideas’ • 19 Sept 2010


Colloquium: Lex Newman (University of Utah) ‘Is sense perception direct? What we can learn from Descartes and Locke’ • 3:30pm5:30pm, 23 Mar 2010 in LA5-246


Colloquium: Julia Beauquel (Université Nancy) ‘Which definition for dance?’ • 3:30pm5:30pm, 12 Mar 2009 in MHB915

Colloquium: Julie Van Camp (Cal State Long Beach) ‘Yes, but is it vandalism? Graffiti, conceptual criminals, artists, and free speech’ • 3:30pm5:30pm, 25 Sept 2008 in ???