Emeriti Faculty

Photograph Information
Shane Andre Dr. Shane Andre
Professor Emeritus (Ph.D, Claremont)

Betsy Decyk Dr. Betsy Decyk
Lecturer Emerita (PhD, Claremont)

Daniel Guerrière Dr. Daniel Guerrière
Professor Emeritus (Ph.D, Duquesne)

  • Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Religion, Catholicism, Existentialism, Phenomenology
  • E-mail: dguerr@msn.com
Phildon Huffaker Phildon Huffaker
Lecturer Emeritus (MA, CSU Long Beach)

William Johnson William Johnson
Associate Professor Emeritus

  • Areas of Specialization: Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Language
  • E-mail: wjohnson@csulb.edu
  Dr. Edward Quest
Professor Emeritus

  • Areas of Specialization: Value Theory, Political Philosophy
  • E-mail: jquest61@msn.com
  Dr. George A. Spangler
Professor Emeritus

  • Areas of Specialization: Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Education
  • E-mail: spangler@csulb.edu
Dr. Julie Van Camp Dr. Julie Van Camp
Professor Emerita (Ph.D Temple; J.D Georgetown)

  • Areas of Specialization: philosophy of art (esp. dance), philosophical problems of art law (esp. copyright and freedom of expression)
  • E-mail: Julie.VanCamp@csulb.edu
  • website