Graduate Placement

Graduate Placement Record

The table below provides a complete record of graduate placement outcomes beginning in AY09–10. Data are for any/all students who have applied, successful or not, for further academic study based on their MA degree. (Unless otherwise indicated, results are for doctoral admissions in Philosophy and included full funding.) Not listed are students that opted not to pursue academia beyond the MA. A note about placement from 1988–2008 follows. For additional information, see our Alumni page.

Year Thesis or Writing Sample Placement
2017–2018 The Basis of Moral Values PhD, University of Connecticut
2016–2017 Absence Causation in Mechanistic Explanation PhD, University of Colorado
2016–2017 An Empirical Look at the Transparency of Perceptual Experience PhD, University of California San Diego
2016–2017 Scientific Realism and the Geometric Structure of Physical Theories PhD, University of Minnesota
2014–2015 Overcoming the Present FT Lecturer, Cal State San Bernardino
2014–2015 Tracing and Offloading: A Neo-Lockean Reply to Johnston PhD, University of Kansas
2013–2014 The Doxastic Conception of Delusion PhD, University of Wisconsin
2013–2014 Comprehensive Exams PT Lecturer, Long Beach City College
2012–2013 Comprehensive Exams JD, Loyola Marymount
2012–2013 O’Connor’s Agent-Causation Theory of Free Will PhD, University of California Davis
2011–2012 Blameworthiness and Manipulation PhD, Purdue University
2011–2012 Dirty Hands, Virtue Ethics, and Consequentialism PhD, Syracuse University
2010–2011 Nietzsche as Cultural Physician JD, University of Southern California
2010–2011  The Role of Intuition in Philosophical Theory Construction PhD [Psychology], University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
2009–2010 World-Making, Exemplification, and Film Adaptations PhD [Cinema], University of California Los Angeles
2009–2010 A Defense of Mackie’s Error Theory PhD, University of Western Ontario
2008–2009 A Defense of Donald Davidson’s Dissolution to the Problem of Global Skepticism PhD, University of Utah
2007–2008 Back to the Future: A Modern Natural Law Understanding of the Alien Tort Claims Act of 1789 PhD, University of California Irvine


A review showed that 127 MA degrees were awarded during the period 1988–2008. Although some data is incomplete, a (conservative) review revealed the following results:

  • 58 of the 127 graduates chose to apply to doctoral programs.
  • 53 (or 91%) of these 58 were admitted to a doctoral program.
  • 45 of these 53 were admitted to a PhD program in Philosophy, and 7 were admitted to doctoral programs in other disciplines (e.g., Law, Education, Film Studies).
  • 30 of the 45 admitted to a PhD program in Philosophy (67%) were admitted to one (or more) of the top-fifty PhD programs in the United States (as ranked by The Philosophical Gourmet Report).
  • Of the 69 graduates that chose not to apply to PhD programs, at least 21 (or more than 30%) went on to teach Philosophy as Full- or Part-time Adjunct Professors or Lecturers at various universities and community colleges around the United States and Canada.