Minor in Philosophy

Minor in Philosophy

The minor in philosophy provides a highly flexible program of study for any student majoring in a different discipline, but who is interested in philosophy as a foundation for later intellectual pursuits, or for developing skills, or simply out of interest. Students can shape the minor to their particular interests and needs.



The minor in philosophy (code 0-6807) consists of a minimum of 18 units. While there is a constraint (below) on the minor, there are no required courses, nor area or distribution requirements to fulfill.

Lower-Division: Constraint:

No more than 9 units from the following list of lower-division philosophy courses (100- and 200-levels) can be counted toward the minor; of those 9 units, up to 3 units can come from 100-level philosophy courses:

PHIL100: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL101: Meaning of Life
PHIL156: Philosophy of Rock, Rap, and Beyond
PHIL160: Introduction to Ethics

PHIL170: Critical Reasoning
PHIL203: History of Early Western Philosophy
PHIL204: History of Modern Western Philosophy
PHIL261: Philosophy and Film
PHIL270: Symbolic Logic


Any/all upper-division philosophy courses (300- and 400-levels) can count toward the required 18 units.



For more information about pursuing the Minor in Philosophy, please contact:

Dr. Nellie Wieland
Department Chairperson & Undergraduate Advisor
Department of Philosophy (MHB-917)
California State University Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach CA, 90840-2408 USA
Phone: 562-985-4331
E-mail: nellie.wieland@csulb.edu