Political Science

Political Science

Chair Wright Message to Graduating, Continuing, and Incoming Students

During Fall 2020 semester POSC courses will be in “alternative mode of instruction,” and will require no in-person activities. Students must be available for possible required synchronous activities during scheduled course days/times. But, students in POSC courses will not need to come to campus.
During the period of suspended in-person instruction at CSULB, the Political Science staff and department chair are happy to assist you.

For matters that can be handled via e-mail (including forms that require a signature), please send a message to one of the addresses listed below.

If you’d like to speak with one of us via phone, please send an e-mail with your phone number and the best time to reach you, noting the subject matter of your inquiry.

Administrative Support Coordinator: Amelia Marquez (Amelia.Marquez@csulb.edu)

Administrative Support Assistant: Katie Masterson (Katie.Masterson@csulb.edu)

Department Chair: Teresa Wright (Teresa.Wright@csulb.edu)


Political science is a recognized academic discipline that combines the best aspects of the liberal arts tradition. It trains students to think critically while arming them with important information about the 21st century; thus, it prepares them for the workforce and for the demands of democratic citizenship today. It draws on contemporary issues such as geopolitics, immigration, changing demographics, cyberspace politics, and terrorism, and provides students with strong analytic skills in order to analyze these. Moreover, with its combined focus on critical thinking and empirical knowledge, political science empowers students to question the values of our society and to orient our democratic ideals to the changing realities of the current century. Its broad, liberal arts framework inspires active citizenship and offers training that will serve students’ needs throughout their entire lives.