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California State University, Long Beach
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Featured MA Students 

Serawit_MA profile

Serawit Embaye-Yenie

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, I came to the United States in 2013 as an international student and started my academic career at Santa Monica College. In 2015, I transferred to California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and graduated with a BA in Political Science in May 2017. I am currently pursuing an MA in Political Science here at CSULB, majoring in Global Politics. My interest in Political Science and Global Politics branches from my ethnic background, with specific regards to how my parents had to move to Sweden as refugees from a conflict-ridden Eritrea and Ethiopia. Their experiences have been a major drive in my research interests in global politics, which includes understanding conflicts, foreign policy, terrorism, democratization and authoritarianism. I’m also taking Arabic classes here at CSULB, hoping to be fluent in the near future. My goal is to eventually pursue a PhD in Political Science, and to teach and continue doing research internationally. I chose CSULB for my Master’s because of my experience with the faculty while I was an undergraduate. Not only are they approachable and knowledgeable, but I also share the same research interests as many of them. As an international student here at CSULB, the transition to a new education system and culture was far easier than what I expected, and this was mainly thanks to the support from the Political Science Department. My experiences and the skills I have developed at CSULB, both as a student and an employee within the department and CSULB, will follow me as I pursue my academic and career goals.

 Campos - MA student photo

Juan Campos

I was born in Southern California and educated in Virginia.  I received my B.A. in Government & International Politics in 2013 from George Mason University, and I am now proudly enrolled in the political science M.A. program at California State University, Long Beach.  Lately, my research interests include democratization, authoritarianism, the drug war, and DTO-related political violence in Mexico.  My main academic goal is to earn a Ph.D. in political science and teach the discipline at a research university or a liberal arts college.  More specifically, as I specialize in comparative politics and international relations to guide my research, I wish to engage students and researchers in intellectual debates to understand our complex political world from multiple angles.  The pursuit of social scientific knowledge is thus my passion and aspiration.  The M.A. program at CSULB is perfect for individuals who share the same ambitions and are intellectually curious.  The faculty is knowledgeable of an array of concepts, theories, and research methods, and the department offers wonderful opportunities to gain teaching and research experience.  The time spent with my faculty and cohorts at CSULB will forever be memorable.  Their indispensable insights contributed to my aptitude and motivation for further graduate study and I thank them greatly.

 Spencer Lindsay

Spencer Lindsay

I’ve had an interest in politics from a young age. As an undergrad I attended the University of Wisconsin where I was lucky enough to have a great deal of hands on experience in the field, through internships with campaigns and members of the state legislature. After graduating, I worked on a campaign for a few months before deciding to move back to Southern California after the election. Quickly after returning to my hometown, I realized that I had a passion for education, and decided to get a Masters degree at CSULB with the ultimate goal of becoming a professor. CSULB has enabled me to gain a great deal of valuable teaching experience to work towards that goal. As a teaching assistant I have lead plenty of review sessions, and often interact with students to help them better understand class material. I have even been able to obtain a lecturing internship at Golden West College which I am doing for credit as a College Teaching Practicum within the Political Science department at CSULB. The Master’s program has also enabled me to gain a great deal of research experience. I have presented my work at several different conferences including CSULB’s Graduate Student Research Conference, as well as the Western Political Science Association’s annual meeting. The best thing about the political science department at CSULB is the fact that it is a small and close-knit community. My fellow students and I often socialize outside of class, and are always willing to help and support each other when things become difficult. Likewise, the professors at CSULB are extremely helpful and kind. They are willing to help you be successful within the program and outside of it. Without this system of support obtaining my degree would be much more difficult. As for what’s next for me, after finishing the program this fall, I plan on applying to Doctoral programs and/or looking for jobs at the community college level. This program was a perfect fit for me, and helped me move forward towards my career goals tremendously. The skills I developed, both as a student and as an employee of the university, will doubtlessly be useful for me going forward.

 Student Photo

Adam Collins

Originally from Michigan, I moved to Long Beach in 2011 and enrolled at CSULB that fall semester. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from CSULB in 2013, with a concentration in political theory. After graduation I interned for U.S. Congressman Alan Lowenthal and worked on several political campaigns in the Long Beach area. In 2015 I realized that the trajectory I had chosen wasn’t as appetizing as I hoped it would be. It was then that I decided to apply to CSULB’s political science graduate program with the intent of becoming a collegiate professor. I considered political science graduate programs at other universities, but decide on CSULB for several different reasons. The strong academic credentials that the department faculty bring into the classroom, along with the intimacy of the program, that in turn facilitated beneficial and meaningful relationships with cohorts, were among the reasons. CSULB’s program ranked as a first choice in furthering my academic career. I am looking forward to continuing the graduate program this fall semester.