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Cliff Dorsey

1 What year did you participate and who was your teammate? I participated in the 2003-2004 school year.  My teammate was Diana Chimilio (I think that’s how you spell her name).    2 If you have graduated and moved on, what do you do now and how did moot court help you for your future? I am currently an attorney.  Moot court undoubtedly helped me in terms of enhancing my oratory skills, and making me more comfortable speaking in public settings.  Moot court also improved my speed reading skills, and made me a better researcher.    3 What is your fondest memory about moot court? My fondest memory was hanging out in a country western Texas bar after competition, watching teammates fly off of mechanical bulls.   4 What was the best thing about moot court? The best thing about moot court was making life long friends, and establishing relationships with people interested in the same field from all over the country.    5 What was the worst thing about moot court? I honestly cannot think of a “worst thing”.  If I had to pick one, it would probably be the 6-10 hours a day studying for four months straight.    6 What do you miss about moot court? I miss the competitiveness, and all of the friends that I bonded with.    7 What tournaments did you compete in and what were they like? I competed in the 2003-2004 regional and national competition.  I recall both events being very competitive in terms of the quality of competition.  One of the things that I enjoyed most about moot court was spirited debates, which elevated our studying habits.    8 What advice would you give future mooters? The best advice that I can give future mooters is make sure you have thick skin, and that you are receptive to constructive criticism.  Moot court is an “all or nothing” commitment, so in short, make sure that you are 100% dedicated.   9 Who was the BEST mooter you ever saw?  What made him or her so good? Its tough, because I saw so many great future lawyers, but the one that stands out most is Tommy Hartnett.  What made Tommy such a good mooter was that he was determined to out prepare his opponent, and it showed in the depth of his analysis of constitutional case law.   10 Why should someone consider moot court? Not only is moot court something fantastic to have on your resume for potential employers or law school, it is a great opportunity to assess your capabilities to dissect large quantities of information, and package it in a coherent fashion.