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Jillian Martins

1 What year did you participate and who was your teammate?


I Participated Fall 06, and was partnered w/ Erik Aho for Regionals and Kristin Hallak for Nationals. I also participated Fall 07-Spring 08 and was partnered with Kristin Hallak.


2 If you have graduated and moved on, what do you do now and how did moot court help you for your future?


I am presently in my first year of law school at UC Hastings. Moot court helped a great deal in reading and briefing cases for all of my classes and has been particularly helpful in legal research and argument in law school moot court which is a required first your course.


3 What is your fondest memory about moot court?


I loved going to Washington D.C. my second semester senior year and competing in a tournament against Patrick Henry College. I particularly enjoyed helping new mooters with their arguments and nerves.


4 What was the best thing about moot court?


The bonds that you make with your fellow students.


5 What was the worst thing about moot court?


The work load.


6 What do you miss about moot court?


The intense amount of positive collaboration in a small classroom environment.


7 What tournaments did you compete in and what were they like?


I competed at nationals in Virginia in 2007 and the D.C. tournament in 2008. They were both very fun experiences. I was able to bond with my team mates in addition to students from other schools. It was great to be with students from different schools, states and religious and political backgrounds working towards the same academic goal.


8 What advice would you give future mooters?


DO THE WORK. Every case is helpful and knowing them well is the key to being a good competitor.


9 Who was the BEST mooter you ever saw?  What made him or her so good?


Will Glaser from Patrick Henry was the best competitor I ever saw. He had such a comfortable and amiable demeanor it didn’t feel like “arguing” with him, it really felt like a conversation.


10 Why should someone consider moot court?


Moot court was the best class I took in undergrad. The work was intense but it prepared me for law school like no other course ever could. I’ve spoken to many classmates and none of them had any class or series of classes that prepared them for this experience quite like moot court did for me.