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Lindsay Nelson

1 What year did you participate and who was your teammate?

Fall 2007 – Amy Fernandez


2 If you have graduated and moved on, what do you do now and how did moot court help you for your future?

I am now in law school. My experience in moot court had immeasurable value in my first

year of school. Not only did I already know how to brief a case, but when it came time

for mandatory moot court, I had the experience my fellow classmates were lacking,

which gave me confidence and enabled me to really ‘wow’ the law school judges.


3 What is your fondest memory about moot court?

The camaraderie amongst the mooters, the competitions, arguing in front of REAL
Federal Justices in a REAL district court, and arguing at nationals.


4 What was the best thing about moot court?

It was a huge confidence booster as far as public speaking goes.


5 What was the worst thing about moot court?

It is a lot of work, but nothing that is unmanageable. In the end, the hard work is always
worth it.


6 What do you miss about moot court?

Honestly, I don’t miss it much now because I am doing it for law school!


7 What tournaments did you compete in and what were they like?

I competed in the Fall 07 Western Regionals and the January 2008 National competition.

It was great to have an opportunity to meet so many lawyers and judges and other

students who are interested in the law like you are. They were exciting.


8 What advice would you give future mooters?

The more you put in, the more you get out. Take briefing seriously. Learn your case

inside and out so you don’t have to go to the podium with notes.


9 Who was the BEST mooter you ever saw?  What made him or her so good?  Will Glaser.  He

was confident, knew the case inside and out, had a great presence, and he was blessed

with a really great voice, which not all of us can have, unfortunately.


10 Why should someone consider moot court?

If you want to go to law school, there should be no consideration involved, you should JUST DO IT. It helped me more as a first year student than I could have ever imagined. You will build friendships and connections. If you don’t want to go to law school, moot court is still great if you like to debate, it is an experience you will not regret, no matter what your post-graduation plans are.