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California State University, Long Beach
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Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology embraces all forms of knowing. It includes perceiving, remembering, imagining, reasoning, judging, and language. These processes have been the source of speculation for millennia: writings about the nature of consciousness are found in some of the earliest recorded human history. However, the scientific study of perception, memory, and thinking is a relatively new phenomenon, beginning in the mid 1950s with the “cognitive revolution”. It has been said that psychology has both a long history and a short past; this statement is especially true of the study of cognition as a formal discipline within psychology.

Our department has several faculty members working on contemporary problems in cognitive psychology. These faculty members have published in diverse areas, including: action selection, attention, auditory localization, decision making, evolutionary approaches to intelligence, figurative language, metacognition, prospective memory, reading acquisition, visual search, and psychopharmacological influences on cognition. Although our faculty members explore diverse areas, they share a common approach that is centered on empiricism and rigorous experimental methodology.

Full-time Faculty Members Involved in Cognitive Psychology Research

– Dan Chiappe

– Lisa Maxfield

-James Miles

– Thomas Strybel

– Kim Vu

Part-time Faculty Members Involved in Cognitive Psychology Research

– Jack Dwyer