Faculty Research Laboratories

Faculty Research Laboratories

Faculty Name: Dr. James Amirkhan
Research project: Stress Research Group
Do you have open positions for research assistants? Not currently, but contact me at the very beginning (first week) of any semester to check for openings.
Contact information: Email: james.amirkhan@csulb.edu

Faculty Name: Dr. Young-Hee Cho
Research project: The effect of multifactorial fall intervention on psychological wellbeing of older adults
Do you have open positions for research assistants? Yes
Contact information: Email: Young-Hee.Cho@csulb.edu

Faculty Name: Dr. Maricela Correa-Chavez
Research project: Culture, Learning, and Development
Do you have open positions for research assistants? Yes, for Spring semester.  Must be bilingual English/Spanish
Contact information: Email: Maricela.Correa@csulb.edu

Faculty Name: Drs. Martin Fiebert & Christopher Warren
Research Project: Social Networking Research Lab, Focus: Facebook Behaviors
Do you have open positions for research assistants? Yes.  We meet alternate Mondays from 2-3.
Contact information: Email: Dr. Warren c.warren@csulb.edu or Dr. Fiebert  martin.fiebert@csulb.edu

Faculty Name: Dr. Araceli Gonzalez
Research areas: risk factors for anxiety and depression in children and adolescents; parental anxiety and depression and parenting behaviors; behavioral treatments for underserved populations; culture and psychopathology
For information about potential research opportunities, email Araceli.Gonzalez@csulb.edu

Faculty Name: Dr. May Ling Halim
Research projects: Various having to do with gender and ethnic identity development
website: http://www.csulb.edu/~mhalim/members.html
Openings: Not at the moment, but contact at beginning of semester
Contact information: Email: develop.csulb@gmail.comFaculty:

Faculty Name: Dr. James Miles
Research Project: Perception and Performance Lab
Research Project website: www.mileslab.com
Open positions?  No, but the website above has links to apply to attend lab meetings/get on lab mailing list
Contact information: Email: jim.miles@csulb.edu
Phone: 562-985-5030

Faculty Name: Dr. Bill Pedersen
Lab Name:  Aggression and Intergroup Relations Lab
Research project:  We look at factors that impact aggressive behavior and violence
Research project website:  www.aggression-irlab.com/   
Do you have open positions for research assistants?  Yes
Contact information: Email:  bill.pedersen@csulb.edu

Faculty Name: Dr. Guido Urizar
Research project: PRO-Health (Partners in Research & Outreach for Health)
Research project website: http://www.csulb.edu/~gurizar/
Open positions? Yes
Contact information: Email: guido.urizar@csulb.edu