How to Become a Psychology Minor

How to Minor in Psychology

The minor in Psychology is available to any non-Psychology major. Please visit ATLAS the College of Liberal Arts’ Advising Center in Ph1 room 104 and see an ATLAS Advisor to declare the minor.

Requirements for the Psychology Minor

A minimum of 23 units is required.

To Declare Psychology as a Minor:

ALL FOUR of your GPAs (Overall, CSULB, Psychology, and other major GPA) to be at least a 2.5.

Plus a grade of C or better in:

PSY 100 – General Psychology
PSY 110/210 – Intro Statistics*
PSY 220 – Psychology Research Methods**

or their equivalents

*Yes we accept SOC 250, HDEV 250, and CLA 250 for PSY 110/210. We do NOT accept Stat or Math 108.

**We do not accept any other research methods courses at CSULB, students need to take PSY 220 or a community college equivalent (found on

All Degree requirements must be completed by 144 total units, students adding or changing majors/minors after 90 units may need to complete additional paperwork.

To Graduate with a Minor in Psychology you will need:

Fourteen Lower Division units from

  • Psychology 100 – General Psychology
  • Psychology 110/210 – Introductory Statistics
  • Psychology 220 – Research Methods
  • Psychology 241 – Psychobiology

Nine upper division Psychology units including

  • One course from PSY 331, 332, 333, 336, 340, 341 or 342;
  • One course from PSY 351, 356, 361 or 365;
  • One additional upper division Psychology course