Fall 2010 MA Research Students

Master of Arts in Psychology, Option in Psychological Research Students
Fall 2010 Entry  

Fall 2010 MA Psychological Research Students
Fall 2010 MAPR Student Orientation  


Matthew Acala
Matthew Acala, MA

Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
BA (Psychology), UCLA 
Research area interests: Identity, Well-Being, Resilience, Coping
Personal interests: Music, Pop Culture, Theater, Travel 
Thesis: Sexual Health Risk Perceptions and the Role of Community Discourse Among Black Lesbian Women: A Qualitative Study  

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Anna Chen
Anna Chen, MA

Hometown: Rosemead, CA
BS (Psychology), UC San Diego 
Research area interests: Research Psychology
Personal interests: Watching TV/Movies, Playing Tennis, New experiences  
Thesis: Warmth and Attachment as Separate Systems within Interpersonal Relationships due to Trust  

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Janessa Cuomo, MA

Hometown: Porterville, CA
BA (Psychology), CSULB 
Research area interests: Couples Counseling, Sexual Victims, Disability and Intimacy
Personal interests: Music, Concerts, Reading  
Thesis: The Mediation Effect of Relationship Quality on the Association of Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management and Reduction of Stress During Pregnancy   


Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly

Hometown: Long Beach, CA
BA (English), CSULB
Research area interests: Acculturation, Stress, Attribution
Personal interests: Music, Cycling, Sports, Reading


Emily Lyons
Emily Lyons, MA

Hometown: Reedley, CA
BA (Psychology and Music), Fresno Pacific Univ 
Research area interests: Brain Activity/Inactivity during sleep
Personal interests: Playing violin, Reading non-Fiction, Exercise Event Planning 
Thesis: Has Internet Technology Found a Niche in Mood Regulation Among Young Adults   

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Michelle Marckwordt
Michelle Marckwordt, MA    

Hometown: Long Beach/Huntington Beach, CA
BA (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Stress, Coping, Anxiety
Personal interests: Sewing, cooking, Art, Shopping, Crafts 

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Stephanie Meyers
Stephanie Meyers, MA

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
BA (Psychology), UC Davis
Research area interests: Addictive Behavior/Substance Abuse
Personal interests: Music (listening/playing), Movies, Local Sports  
Thesis: Ecstasy Use, Impulsivity, Adult ADHD, and Unprotected Anal Sex   


Jon Lyle G Nieva
Jon Lyle G Nieva

Hometown: Carson, CA
BA (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Aggression
Personal interests: Music (listening/playing), Movies, Local Sports 


Ben Peschek
Ben Peschek. MA 

Hometown: Ferndale, WA
BA (Psychology), Western Washington Univ
Research area interests: Sports Psychology, Neuroscience
Personal interests: Running, Soccer, Beach, Sports  
Thesis: Breaking Down “The Wall:” Assessing Mood Change During a Marathon  


Tracy Stribling
Tracy Stribling, MA 

Hometown: Concord, CA
BA (Psychology), UC Santa Cruz
Research area interests: Developmental Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injuries
Personal interests: Soccer, Softball, Outdoors   
Thesis: Attracting Underrepresented Minority Students to the Sciences with an Interest and Utility Value Intervention: Catching and Holding Interest in Recruitment Materials   

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Crystal Tandler
Crystal Tandler

Hometown: Long Beach, CA
BS (Marketing), Univ of Phoenix (CA campus)
Research area interests: Situational Awareness
Personal interests: Reading, Motherhood  


Lisa Zazworsky
Lisa Zazworsky Trescott, MA 

Hometown: San Diego, CA
BA (Psychology), UC San Diego
Research area interests: Social Psychology
Personal interests: Reading, Dodge ball, Biking, Cooking, Crafts  
Thesis: Dumbing Down for Others: Differences in Socially Motivated Underachievement between Working and Middle Class Students