Fall 2011 MA Research Students

Master of Arts in Psychology, Option in Psychological Research Students
Fall 2011 Entry  

Fall 2011 MAPR Students
Fall 2011 MAPR Students   


Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark, MA 

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
BS (Psychology), Radford University, VA
Research area interests: Health Psychology
Personal interests: Yoga, Running, Traveling  
Thesis: Psychological Resilience, Daily Stressors, and Implications for Physical Activity Levels in Mothers with Young Children   

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Daniel Colllin
Daniel Collin, MA  

Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
BS (Psychology), UCLA
Research area interests: Memory, Learning, Cognition
Personal interests: Music, Cycling, Hiking, Fishing, Traveling, Reading  
Thesis: One Trial Methamphetamine-Induces Sensitization is not Evident in Adolescent Male and Female Rats: Effects of Pretreatment Dose and Age   


Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson, MA  

Hometown: Vallejo, CA
BA (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: None stated  
Personal interests: None stated  
Thesis: The Impact of Priming Different Aspects of Religion on Aggressive Behavior   

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Amber Latronica
Amber Latronica, MA  

Hometown: Yuba City, CA
BA (Psychology), UC San Diego
Research area interests: Affect, Neuroscience, Stress Reduction and Emotion Regulation
Personal interests: Travel, Reading, Outdoor Activities  
Thesis: The Effect of Emotion Regulation on Stress and the Role of Executive Function   

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Jiun Shen
Jiun Shen, MA  

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
BS (Psychology), UC San Diego
Research area interests: Relationships, Stress and Health
Personal interests: Cooking, Traveling, Photography  
Thesis: Collectivistic Coping, Allocentrism, and Stress   


Cammie Shibata
Cameron Shibata, MA 

Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA
BA (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Community Psychology, Violence Against Women, Intersectionality and Culture
Personal interests: Dog Chloe, Biking, Dance  
Thesis: Building Positive Body Image in Adolescent Girls: An Evaluation of a Body Image Prevention Program   


Amanda Vari
Amanda Vari Ramos, MA  

Hometown: San Diego, CA
BA (Psychology), Humboldt State Univ
Research area interests: Foster Youth/Juvenile Delinquency Development
Personal interests: Biking, Hiking, Beach
Thesis: Examining the Relationship Among Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Executive Functioning, and Aggression in Adults   

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